Alex Houghton

Alex Houghton


Alex is a writer and performer of instrumental guitar music that ranges across a number of genres but is rooted in her unique compositional voice.


A self-proclaimed late bloomer, Alex Houghton began a serious relationship with the guitar in her early 20’s. With no previous musical background, she began to study in earnest with whomever she could. Private lessons with Paul Bourdeau, a renowned expert on the music of Lenny Breau; 3 years of musical studies at both Carleton and Ottawa Universities; occasional lessons with Don Ross and Pierre Bensusan and workshops and master classes with any guitarist who piqued her musical curiosity all helped to inspire her.

But Alex’s deepest inspiration was and continues to be her compulsion to create her own music. That compulsion has culminated in 4 albums of guitar music over the past 13 years, soundtracks for both movies and television, and as a co-writing member of the group, the Miss Bennets a pop album released in 2008.

Alex currently lives in Chelsea, Quebec with her partner, Ross Murray, her young son, Wynn and way too many cats.


albums released:
*Camouflage, 1995
*Rocket Science, 1997
*Happybody, 2002
*More Love, 2006
*The Miss Bennets, 2008

CD Compilations
*La Guitara, Gender bending strings, Vangaurd records
(Vanguard Records, 2006)
*Six Strings Vol.II, 2003
(Borealis Records)
*OFC 25th Anniversary Compilation 2000
*Dawson City 20th
Anniversary CD 1998
*Resurfacing, compilation 1998

Set List

1-2, 40 minute sets