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Alexia Riggins

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Beyond Sight, Chad & Alexia - 2005
This is Hope EP, NorthTide - 2008
Alexia's Artistic Ventures, Alexia Riggins - 2009



I'm Alexia. And I'm a 21 year old singer/songwriter/guitarist from Charlotte. Ever since I can remember, I've loved to sing. I grew up singing along to cassette tapes of Jars of Clay, Out of the Grey, Susan Ashton, Rich Mullins, Stephen Curtis Chapman, and MWS. I've always liked to experiment with my voice, stretching myself to try different styles, learn different parts, push my range. I taught myself to hear parts by singing along to the radio, trying different high and low harmonies. I'm a sucker for a good three part harmony

I joined my church choir the day I turned twelve. My worship leader at the time, Dennis Boyce, had a huge influence on the development of my vocal style. I had always loved everything about the Black-Gospel style, the runs, the soul, the passion...and we did a lot of that with Dennis. It had a huge impact on the vocal style that I've developed over the years. Dennis often gave me opportunities to sing solos and be on praise teams, even at my young age. I learned so much about singing, working with others, and being a worship leader during that time. The experience I gained from Dennis was invaluable.

At age 16, Chad Davis took over the role of worship leader in our church. I was only 15 at the time, but I already knew that God was calling me to music ministry. So I made up my mind to really commit myself to the ministry. It was a huge time of growing and stretching, for Chad and for myself/ He really began to encourage me to pursue writing my own music. So in 2005, I picked up the guitar, and started teaching myself. That year, I wrote my first song, "Love song". I only knew like three chords on guitar at the time, so I took my lyrics and my guitar to Chads office one night after church, and we finished it together. Love Song ended up being a part of an album we recorded together (Beyond Sight) in 2005 for Chad's senior music project. Chad did all the music, producing, and mixing, and I helped to write and lay down the vocal tracks. It was such a time of learning and growing in my music, I was always being stretched to my limits with my abilities, and I loved it.

From there on out Chad and I have pretty much been a tag team/package deal/dynamic duo. We've stuck together thru three different bands...and all the failures, successes, discouragement, learning, frustrations, and growth that comes with those experiences. We lead worship together every sunday at Central Church @ Little Rock. To me it's just such a great blessing to have the privilege of leading with someone that I can play off of, and that can play off of me. We can flow and worship and know what direction the other is going in without even using any kind of verbal or physical communication. And so...we figured we might as well get married (YES!)...we'' be tying the knot on August 14th.

Today I'm still writing, singing, and playing my guts out everyday. I regularly gig all around NC...everywhere from small coffee shops to Tremont Music Hall...and I recently had the amazing opportunity (along with a band I'm in, NorthTide) to open up for Matthew West and Natalie Grant @ Knights Stadium for New life 91.9's Faith Family and Freedom event.

I'm always striving to write music that touches the heart of God, and speaks to the hearts of his people...with real, relevant themes that apply to our lives today. I write about my own successes and failures, and the things I struggle with and triumph over. I love writing songs of redemption thru failure, grace when it's undeserved, and hope that never runs out...because those are things that we can all experience and relate to. And i'll keep on doing it until I run out of things to write about.