My music is a compelation of easy listening and passion, curtailing emotions of love, loss, curiousity and determination. A warm sound of acoustic guitar/piano and voice. The lyrics cover concepts of time, identity and the interweb of feelings in relationships, described through poetic metaphors.


For me, songwriting is an essential of life. A personal expression of emotion that releases me from the everyday confusion of people, events, emotions... Lyrics arise from somewhere between my subconscious and love for creative writing. My influences range from the relaxed beauty of Dido and deep emotion of David Gray to Irish reels and Celtic melodies. I also love the quirky style of local bands such as Angus and Julia Stone.
Moving house 13 times in my early childhood I found comfort in composing, expressing my feelings about the people and places in my surroundings.

Set List

Background Music, Let It Go, Blow Me Away, One Day, Smooth The Slate, Letter in a Bottle, Wild Rose, Being Solo,
Covers include Dido 'Life for Rent'
select songs by David Gray, Joan Amadrading, Beatles, carole king
sets may go up to 45 minutes