Alexis Jones

Alexis Jones

 Beverly Hills, California, USA

I'm a trail blaizng, Passionista on a mission to leave the world better... I truly belive that life is what you make of it. So, if we are in fact our own author, may this be the story of a girl who never settled, who set out to defy the odds, dreamed fearlessly and inspired others to follow suite.


Alexis Jones is an All American, Southern Bell, Texas tomboy. She grew up in Austin (with four older brothers) and moved to Los Angeles where she completed her Undergraduate degree in International Relations and a Masters in Communication Management, both from the University of Southern California. Alexis discovered her passion for inspiring girls and women after starring in The Vagina Monologues, a progressive women’s play, written by Eve Ensler. Following that role she hosted a TV show on the Red Carpet, worked at Fox Sports, ESPN and was a contestant on the hit CBS reality TV show: Survivor.

Leveraging her Entertainment background as a platform, Alexis launched I AM THAT GIRL, and quickly became an internationally recognized Speaker, Media Personality, Activist and Author.

She has established herself as a thought leader for the 21st century women’s movement and as an expert on Generation Y. Her authenticity, contagious passion and “straight talk” style, have made Alexis a trusted voice for her generation.

Recently invited to the White House to discuss a Healthy Media initiative, Alexis and the I AM THAT GIRL team are trailblazing the women’s empowerment space with a savvy, inspiring, 21st century twist. Alexis has spent the last 4 years speaking to over 100,000 youth in person and over a million people on-line regarding personal and professional development, leadership, activism, social entrepreneurism, and women’s issues. Alexis Jones is THAT GIRL and she’s on a mission to change the world.