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Alexis Jones

Beverly Hills, California, United States

Beverly Hills, California, United States
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"Authentic Confidence"

Alexis Jones founder of I AM THAT GIRL sayis "smart is the new beautiful." She'll share her message of empowerment during the second annual Girls Now Conference. "The greatest gift you could ever give your child is the confidence to dream big".... - Austin Women Magazine

"Alexis Jones Redefines Beauty"

To hear Alexis Jones’ list of accomplishments, one would assume that she is significantly older than her actually age. The 28-year-old Jones has lasted 33 days on “Survivor,” hosted “On the Red Carpet,” been contacted by Michelle Obama to come to the White House in October and started a national movement for female empowerment, called “I Am That Girl”... - SONOMA

"Alexis Jones Bridges Communication Gaps Between Men And Women"

Alexis Jones is well-known for her stint on Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs Favorites, and on her season she made it almost all the way to the end by playing with integrity and a sense of confidence that managed to be inspiring without being intimidating. Since her time on reality TV came to an end, Jones has spent much time traveling across the country and up to Canada on motivational speaking gigs, and she has also founded the non-profit, I AM THAT GIRL, which, as a brand, is "chick empowerment with an edge." Her determination to bring men into the conversation was made real when she invited 5 male celebrities onto a "Real Men" panel and asked them all the quesitons women want to know. - Star Plus

"Alexis Jones, chosen as one of the 100 most influential young women in the country"

Inspiring confidence in young women requires visible, positive role models. Alexis Jones discusses how her non-profit, I AM THAT GIRL, empowers girls through the creation of alternative media and safe communities. - AOL/ PBS

"Meaning is the New Money"

Alexis Jones created, I AM THAT GIRL, an online and offline community devoted to inspiring and empowering girls to discover their innate worth and purpose... - Women's Health Magazine

"When Passion for Life and Humanity Intersect"

Alexis Jones, a reality TV star and activist, was speaking to a room of students who seemed completely captivated by her magnetic personality as they celebrated the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day. The annual CARE conference was held in Washington, D.C. and CARE is one of the largest private humanitarian organizations in the world... - NPR

"She is That Girl"

Alexis Jones does a home town tour to Austin, Texas where she pit stop at her local high school to share words of wisdom from her life in Hollywood, hosting a TV show on the Red carpet, working at ESPN and her adventures on Survivor. - Westlake Featherduster


Still working on that hot first release.



Alexis Jones is an All American, Southern Bell, Texas tomboy. She grew up in Austin (with four older brothers) and moved to Los Angeles where she completed her Undergraduate degree in International Relations and a Masters in Communication Management, both from the University of Southern California. Alexis discovered her passion for inspiring girls and women after starring in The Vagina Monologues, a progressive women’s play, written by Eve Ensler. Following that role she hosted a TV show on the Red Carpet, worked at Fox Sports, ESPN and was a contestant on the hit CBS reality TV show: Survivor.

Leveraging her Entertainment background as a platform, Alexis launched I AM THAT GIRL, and quickly became an internationally recognized Speaker, Media Personality, Activist and Author.

She has established herself as a thought leader for the 21st century women’s movement and as an expert on Generation Y. Her authenticity, contagious passion and “straight talk” style, have made Alexis a trusted voice for her generation.

Recently invited to the White House to discuss a Healthy Media initiative, Alexis and the I AM THAT GIRL team are trailblazing the women’s empowerment space with a savvy, inspiring, 21st century twist. Alexis has spent the last 4 years speaking to over 100,000 youth in person and over a million people on-line regarding personal and professional development, leadership, activism, social entrepreneurism, and women’s issues. Alexis Jones is THAT GIRL and she’s on a mission to change the world.