Alexis O'Hara

Alexis O'Hara

BandEDMA Capella

Straddling the divide between electronic music and comedy, Alexis O'Hara creates dark melodies with her voice, machine-friends and the hazards of electricity. Sampling her voice live, she melds electro-acoustic maximalism, beats and tall tale telling. Sometimes, she sports battery-operated clothing.


This "band" is one person or sometimes as many as six but mostly it is one. Alexis has a background in theater, film and spoken word but has been making sound-shows since the turn of the millennium. In her sharpest incarnation, she is a mix of Diamanda Galas, Laurie Anderson and Lenny Bruce, with a bit of Phyllis Diller added in for the older folks. Her work is very eclectic and she stubbornly refuses to dedicate herself solely to one discipline. She's been programmed all over Europe, the US, Mexico and Canada in contexts that range from Women & Technology conferences and Sound Art festivals, to Poetry Slams and Live Art events. As adventurous and risky as her music - she relies heavily on improvisation and feedback manipulation - she strikes a chord with all manner of spectator, from toddlers and their grandmothers, to hipsters and gear nerds. Well, not so much the hipsters, but that's okay. visit for mp3s videos and other info. is going thru a redesign and will be live soon.


"In Abulia" Grenadine Records
"Nuvo" (compilation) Robosapian Records
"Ribsauce" (compilation) Wired on Words
On the myspace page, there is a rotation of rough mixes of the tracks being prepared for the new album.

Set List

There is no typical set list. I generally select between 3 and 6 songs and then fill in the gaps with improvisation and talking to the audience. Some of my most popular numbers are:
The Stockholm Effect
Down with the Man
23 (english or spanish version