Alex Ivanov

Alex Ivanov

 Winter Park, Florida, USA


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Presenting Alex Ivanov a guitar player (16) For Your Concerts and Festivals !
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Alex is booked at The Amelia Island Blues Festival, Line Up for Sep.15/2012 - Grand Opening 12:45 P.M.
and for the Grand Finalle.

Alex has played at the Orlando Calling Rock Festival - Nov.12-13/2011 at the Citrus Bowl.

Teen guitar prodigy Alex Ivanov Returns to Orlando Science Center.
Teen guitar prodigy Alex Ivanov returns to perform at the Guitar Exhibit at Orlando Science Center (777 East Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32803) Sunday, October 9 and Sunday, October 30 1pm and 3pm. General admission is $17 for adults, $12 for youth ages 3 to 11. General admission also includes access to the Guitar exhibit as well as all four floors of interactive exhibits, giant screen films, and live science demonstrations.

Alex Ivanov is 16 years old and started playing guitar at age of nine. He is proficient in many genres from rock and blues to jazz and heavy metal. An Orlando native, he has played Biketoberfest and Bike Week in Daytona Beach, the 2008 International Kids Expo and the Winter Park Art Festival. Alex has shared the stage with Phil Stokes from the Pure Prairie League and Artimus Pyle of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Currently, Alex is writing and recording his own music.

Alex Ivanov (over 160 gigs last year 2010)

Alex Ivanov was born on March 22, 1995 in Orlando, Florida and started playing guitar at age of 9. He is able to play many different genres of music and he searches for any outlet where he can play. With his band, he plays rock and blues, in school he plays in their jazz band, and at home he plays metal and shredding licks for fun. He loves music and one can always find him sitting in his room, playing guitar, looking for new sounds.
Alex has played on many occasions for Biketoberfest and Bike Week at Boothill Saloon in Daytona Beach, Florida, B.F.F.A.R., Dog Pond Saloon in Bunnell, Florida, Baldwin Pub (Blues - Orlando), Ratt’s Hole and The Budweiser Stage in Leesburg, Florida (Biker Week) - just to list few of them. Alex also played at the 2008 International Kids Expo at the Orange County Convention Center and at the Winter Park Art Festival. Though only a few years in the Rock and Blues scene, Alex has had a chance to play on the same stage with great musicians like Phil Stokes, formerly of Pure Prairie League, Artimus Pyle, formerly of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dave Valliere (all with Southern Rocks Finest now), Harry Hall, the Count Basie Orchestra, Dan Toler from The Alman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Buzzy Meekins from Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws and many more.
An article about Alex was written in the Orlando Weekly magazine with title: "Holy Eddie Van Halen, This Cherub Rocks":
The Beat Magazine stated even more proof that there’s something guitar-friendly in our water was the Natalie & Alex Ivanov Band at Baldwin’s Pub Friday, Oct. 5. ....... But let’s talk about the real attraction here: 12-year-old Alex. Once the kid shook off the nerves, he revealed the stuff wunderkinder are made of. Holy Eddie Van Halen, this cherub rocks with advanced technicality. Seriously, do a YouTube search for "Alex Ivanov" and you’ll understand what I saw. My only complaint is that he still thinks too much about what his fingers are doing. He needs to learn to feel the music more. Oh wait, he’s only 12! Give him some time – I’m thinking a matter of months here – and he’s gonna rule. Look out, James Killgallon, you may still be in braces but there’s already an auspicious young pup nipping at your heels.
Currently Alex is writing and recording his own music. As of now he is finished with four songs ("Cutting Edge", "Judgement Hour", "Girl with a String" and "Mr. Chameleon") and is now working on his fifth.
Now Alex Ivanov, is a 16 year old guitar player and you
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