Alex June

Alex June


Alex June, Princess of galactic pop in Paris. The lovely woman, singer and 80s synths performer, takes us into her pink-dark dramatic-galactic world, which is reflected in her music and also her masterfully handled imagery.She mixes and changes the aesthetic with such things as gymnastics, rebirth, pop, McDonalds, opera and shamanism.


Alex June, chilean, musician and draftswoman with a diva voice,released her first EP, october 2012, on the French label Lentonia Records.
Alejandra Felmer was born in France but was raised in Chili.
In 2007, she decides to settle down in the french capital in order to study fine art. As a daughter of an opera singer, she inherited an exceptional voice
from her mother. Developing an electro pop-art of modelling world,
she put on her first band in Paris with two of her chilean mates called “The Babysitters”.
During one of their performances Lentonia Records met her.
When later on, the band’s members went back to Chili, Alejandra, started a solo project under the name of Alex June.
Her 1rst album will be released in France November 4th.

Accompanied by some 80’s synths like « Giorgio Moroder « or « Kraftwerk », Alex June made us climb rising sides of elder altitudes, by mixing Joan Sutherland and Maria Callas voices with perpetual snow, to then enjoy the freshness of mountain pasture and some new minimalist electro-pop influences.


LP: "BIG BANG" November 2013
EP: "PLAN X" october 2012