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Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band World Reggae


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"Blood Diamond In The Rough: A review of “Never Before,” by Alex “Babu Kaju”"

(June 22) If the world were a better place, Babu Kaju would be a Rastafarian Elvis, and the term blood diamond would denote noble things.
With his latest album, “Never Before,” Alex is trying to tell us a story and get us all to think about our blood, our humanity. A tireless activist for the fight against the twin blood perils of Africa, that of Malaria and AIDS, Alex displays in the magical World Music Album all the hope and possibility that is ours if we embrace our one blood, our central and special jewel that is our common humanity.
Alex himself, now based in Seattle, rose from the soil of his homeland and found great success as a professional soccer player, a journey that brought him to our shores as a new American, but it is to his credit that he did not stop once he himself was free and prosperous.
In this album, he evokes all the humor and the wonder that it is to be an immigrant to this country - his hope and optimism shine through on every track. Especially poignant is his “Who Is The Real Cowboy” where Alex relates his experience in a Texas bar where he tries to explain to the Vaquero’s there that he, too, being from the land of the original cattle herds, also calls himself a cowboy. His Rastafarian influenced world music brings collaborators and bystanders from hide-abound musicians and rappers to schoolchildren. You might think you are hearing a children’s album were it not for the deep themes and musings within the lyrics. The sound is raw, but the gem is there in your mind, if you could just hear it. Do yourself, and maybe the world, a favor and buy this work. Alex did not compose an album to make himself great. Babu Kaju, a wise man in our global village, created “Never Before” so that he could raise others.
Look for his work on CD Baby, and by all means, check out this song, a single he has gifted The Stonewailers with. It is a love song to America, this single. Just in time for Independence day, and no better time to be honest. We all have our own perceptions of how America is progressing, sometime IF it’s progressing at all. To hear this song makes me think maybe, just maybe, regardless of how you feel our leaders are doing, that we the people can still inspire and honor the spirit of the American ideal.
Stream here or podcast here.
- By Rob Lewis for The Stonewailer
June 22nd, 2007 Posted by thestonewailer | World Beat, Reggae


Never Before (2007)
Searching for Love ( 2008)

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I was born and raised in the bush of Tanzania, Africa. I moved to the city, Dar es Salaam, when I was 13 and started playing professional soccer at 15. I played Soccer all over the world: Tanzania, Djibouti, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, France, Holland, Japan, and the United States. After retiring from playing soccer, I ended up in Seattle, Washington. Here I coach a Youth Select Soccer Team and design, manufacture, and sell soccer uniforms and gear to teams and individuals around the world.

I have always played music since I was a kid, because when you are a bush man, you have to sing and play beats to yourself to keep entertained. In the bush when I was a kid I had no radio or TV. All my life I have been making music in my head.

In 1999, I had the chance to produce an album for "Cool James" Dandu. Also known as Mtoto wa Dandu. The Album was called "CJ Massive: African Most Wanted" and was a big hit in East Africa and in African communities around the world. Sadly, Cool James was killed in a car crash in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Myself and all Tanzanians miss his musical talent. But he inspired me to continue to create music.

Last year I released my first solo album. I called this album "Never Before" because its a new style of music never heard before.