Using a unique and diverse range of style and dynamics, Alex Kash sings soulfully, plays 12 string acoustic guitar, and occasionally the harmonica too. The focus and intent of this music is Healing. All of this blended into a style that is at once fresh and immediately recognizable.


Born and raised in San Francisco, and now residing in South Florida, Alex Kash has been performing in bands professionally as a singer, guitarist, and bassist since the age of 13. Alex’s work is a combination of intense introspection influenced by his Native American heritage, and the best of R&B and Folk. He combines this with a fine sense of melody, influenced by the Rock and Pop legends of our time. Alex was born into Russian and Native American heritage (Tlingit and Alutiiq), and is deeply committed to positive planetary change, healing and love.
An accomplished recording artist, songwriter and arranger, Alex has 6 CD's of original songs in current release, and has written songs for two different multiplatinum albums: Pat Travers (“Crash and Burn” album), and Journey (“Look Into The Future” album), and sang on sessions for Van Morrison, Narada Michael Walden, Pablo Cruise, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Stacy Lattisaw, Enzo Avitabile and others. Alex is mentioned in “Who’s Who In America” as composer of a classical piece for ballet, entitled “Transitions”, and is also involved in music for film, theatre, and television.
Alex continues to write and produce with his wife Bethany Dalton-Kash. Two of Alex's latest CD's, 'Florida Heat' and 'Organic Alchemy' are being played on radio stations worldwide. Additionally, Alex sings, arranges, and engineers for clients at Emotive Studios, and at other studios, as well as singing and playing solo musical engagements, accompanied by 12 string acoustic guitar and occasional harmonica.


Cool Seven

Written By: Alex Kash

Cool Seven © Alex Kash 2006

Relax cool seven, your eyes are takin’ me to heaven
I feel like I’m in the championship tournament of the high
I don’t question who what when where or why
‘cuz I know the answer, I’m a dancer
I’m ready as I’ve ever been, let’s begin
Ain’t no law agin’ it and it ain’t no sin
I know I was born to fly
Sorry but no time for a sad goodbye

Are you ready, then let’s dance
All of my senses are programmed for chance
No happenstance look askance is gonna
Make this train make a hard left turn
I’d simply rather burn
Oh yes, a slow burn would fit the bill
We’ll sizzle together on the grill
‘till we’ve had our fill
that is until, the roses find our noses
and we forget all about time

That’s right, lose the clock
Break the lock that holds us down to 3 dimensions
Our best intentions will create new inventions
Meriting our complete respect and attention
Don’t be shy, you can fly
Your wings are in your heart
You don’t know where to start?
Me neither, let’s search and learn together
By and by, and eye to eye
Face to face, we’ll leave this place
For a new and exciting reality

And what does fate hold for us there
Fair is fair, fate’s just an empty bag
We fill it with our wishes and dreams
Our fears and our schemes
‘till it sags under the weight
swings open like a gate and spills out
exactly what we knew we were expecting
so there’s no suprises
though only the wisest will admit it
in retrospect, feigned shock is the norm here
but like warm beer, it gets old

so let’s flip a coin and know
that it’s heads or tails, never fails
happy trails to you and to me
we can agree that we’re creating our world as we go
those in the know know
that there’s simply no other way to go
than passionately and honestly forward
lifting our spirits with Love and Light
and the company of friends and strangers
don’t let danger darken your smile
not even for awhile
live in style cool seven

Love Is Calling

Written By: Alex Kash

Love Is Calling © Alex Kash 2006

Falling, all of the leaves are falling
Birds and the animals talking
to me
Love is calling

Falling, carried on clear waters downstream
Out through the meadows where we dream
To sea
Love is calling

Hey, place your bets
No regrets
Maybe let’s have a spree
We can be
Who we really are
Follow that dream
With your eyes
Big surprise when you score
Life is for
Shining your personal star

All like a cold rain is falling
No more regrets, no more stalling
To grow
Love is calling
Love is calling

Magic World

Written By: Alex Kash

Magic World © Alex Kash 2006

I live in a magic world
Of my creation
I live in a magic world
By my imagination
I make it big or small
I make it short or tall
I’m always in control
Me and my soul
In a magic world

I live in a magic world
That makes me free
To be who I really am
And think independently
Right from the start
It’s me and my heart
I’m always in charge
Living large
In a magic world

So clear up the mystery
What’s the secret code word I’m thinking of
It’s so simple, and so easy
It’s Love

I live in a magic world
Always expanding
I rise to meet the need
If life is demanding
My hat is black or white
I decide day or night
I am the boss to start
Me and my heart
In a magic world
In a magic world


'Organic Alchemy'
'Florida Heat'
'Learning To Love'
'My Voices'
All are available at:
Also available at Apple iTunes and other digital download sites.
'Love Is Calling', 'Quest For Love', 'Magic World', 'Easy To Love', and 'Organic Alchemy' from the CD 'Organic Alchemy', and 'Florida Heat', "Mango Season' and 'Transitional' from the CD 'Florida Heat', as well as 'Breakaway' from the CD 'My Voices' are being played on various radio stations worldwide.

Set List

I don't write set lists. I go onstage and feel the audience, and respond to that with what feels appropriate. I perform my own songs, and my favorite songs of other songwriters, performed from my perspective.