Alex Keller

Alex Keller


Alex Keller is an audio artist based in Austin, Texas who has been an active performer, broadcaster, and installation artist since 1995. His performance work uses brief melodies stretched out over a longer period of time to create unique, wistful, evocative soundscapes.


Alex Keller is an audio artist, sound designer, curator and teacher based in Austin, Texas. His work is in the media of performance, installation, and CD release, and reflects his interests in architecture, language, abstraction and music. He is an active audio production professional, has taught classes in media production at the Art Institute of Austin, Shoreline College, the Art Institute of Seattle, and has won awards for his creative work from the City of Seattle, Puget Sound Transit, and Jack Straw Productions.

Alex received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1995 and an MLA from St. Edward's University in 2005. He is a founding member of the Mimeograph Collective and the Sonicabal, an active member of the Austin New Music Co-op, and is a volunteer/ programmer on Austin's KOOP Radio, hosting Commercial Suicide, central Texas' longest-running experimental radio show, every other week.

Recent projects include curating the sound art exhibition Recreating the Domain, finishing Indian Lake, a new CD release, and performing his own compositions.


Indian Lake
Three Augusts
free improvised electronics (as rebreather)
The Phonographers Union: Live on Sonarchy Radio (group release)
Searching for the inverse square (with Meri von KleinSmid)
Sonicabal 2 (compilation)
The four hundred boys
rebreather (as rebreather)
Sonicabal 1999 (compilation)
Le Train Fantome (compilation)
Psychic twins network
Cosmetic (soundtrack to the film)
Daddy Scary Robot
Sleeping Beauty (soundtrack to the film)
Born to Run
Five bullets

Set List

A set is typically one or two pieces, and can be as long as 45 minutes. I prefer to do a thirty minute set, with one piece that is composed, and one more performative. At the Toneburst festival in 2007 I did a piece involving recordings of bats, during which I killed the house lights and tiptoed through the audience with a speaker-equipped backpack.