Alex Ludovico

Alex Ludovico

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Hip-hop influenced by electro and punk. And none of the ignorance!


Alex Ludovico has never been shot. In fact, he's never even been shot at, which is extraordinary for many young Black males from Gary, Indiana. Alex didn't intend to be such an exception, a virtual weirdo in a town once called the Murder Capital of the United States.

When you're avoiding gangs and ignoring poverty from the world around you, sometimes all you can do is turn inside and embrace the creative world within.

With tastes that stretch from Tiesto to Tchiakovsky, Tech N9ne to The Sex Pistols, Alex Ludovico brings a fresh approach to hip-hop that defies common comparison. This is rap for a new generation: diverse, irreverent, real without pretention yet honest and humorous. This is music for the soundtrack of life, sometimes serious, sometimes fun, always memorable.


Set List

I'm prepared to perform 60 minutes of original material. My sets usually run 30-45 minutes. I don't perform covers.