Alex Mitts

Alex Mitts

 Bakersfield, California, USA

My name is Alex Mitts and I am a singer/songwriter specializing in Folk & Pop-Rock. I write songs that reflect the way I look at life: Deconstructed and backwards. Visit to contact me, enjoy my art, and purchase my latest release.


Alex Mitts is a local singer/songwriter from Bakersfield, CA specializing in Indie-Pop & Folk music. According to James Moore of, Alex is “A fresh perspective from a bright, young talent.”

Alex's latest release, the Love and Foolishness EP, has been circulating amongst peers, blogs, radio stations and more. To pick up a physical or digital copy of the album, head to or join the mailing list to download the hit single from the EP, “Apathy Town.”

Alex began playing when just a boy and has finally released a six-song EP that reflects his true talents. Being described as the offspring of Oasis and Weezer influenced melodies, Alex's Folk-Pop brand evokes warm feelings from his listeners. Alex has been featured in such publications as The Renegade Rip in Bakersfield, CA and also on Bakersfield's own 106.1 KRAB Radio Station on The Sunday Show (Formerly Bakotopia Radio).

Alex is currently in the midst of writing and recording a full-length LP and gathering press for the Love and Foolishness EP to lend a hand in promoting the next release.


Apathy Town

Written By: Alex Mitts

I want to be part of your town
'Cause my waterline has gone dry, and no one bothered to ask why
I want to turn things upside down
I've waited 'round too long
Trudging through as just a lonely pawn
Gotta get out of apathy town but can't bring myself to leave here now
I've burned the bridge out of apathy town. Who in their right mind would want me now?
I want the milk, but not the cow.
Because cows demand too much, and I'm leaning on a little crutch.
I'm gonna take my final bow in the midst of the first act, and I don't think I'm ever coming back.
(Repeat chorus)
Gotta find my space in your sphere.
Move into your place and get a taste.
Or we can forget it all and stay right here.

Catching Me

Written By: Alex Mitts

Can't you see I want it all?
Though I'm all set up to take the fall.
Will you be there when I need be caught?
Hold on tight through the night.
Let's duck out the back and never turn our heads.
There is a light at the end.
I only took the risk so you could be catching me.
I wish I didn't worry, because all you do is assure me.
But it scares me because I can't be in your head... So instead...
I'll just steal your heart so you'll chase me down.
Sure I'll be running slow.
I only took the risk so you could be catching me.
I'll try and try I won't be shy to make you so much more than mine.
I hope you know I cannot fly so please...
Please don't sit upon the fence, just be there with your arms outstretched.
And know I'll take care of the rest, you'll see.

Switch Hitter

Written By: Alex Mitts

When I was younger I had a girl, and boy, oh did she rock my world.
But now I see I didn't do it for her.
Was it the sex or lack of charm?
What was it that had torn us apart?
But now I see I didn't have the curves.
Now she bats for the other team.
And I'm hung out to dry wondering if only I had bigger breasts, a case of makeup and a dress...
Would she be with me?
Yes, in the end, the love was rough.
I guess I'm just not woman enough.
It seems she just can't be with men.
But I'm in touch with my feminine side.
I could powder my nose, I could line these eyes.
And you would see that I could be your girlfriend.
I'm just one chromosome away from being the girl that makes your day.
If only I had nicer ****, a softer ****, could do the splits...
Would she be with me.
(Ellen Degenrous!)

All That I Ain't Got

Written By: Alex Mitts

Everything that I once knew has been turned upside down
It's run into the ground
And my life, though it's feeling grim, I've got it all
Yes I will make it through the broken hearts
And you can see that we will have no room to nag about what's not
And I'll get over all that I ain't got
I've got nothing left to lose
All that remains is why
Which I'll carry 'till I die
And this heart, though it's feeling blue, is walking tall
Give me a reason to believe that this ain't all some make-believe
I want to make it on my own because this place sure as hell ain't home
I want a little closure, please
I want it all...
I want it all...
And it's funny how a heart can break without something like "us" or "we"
That it never really was, and now will not
And I'll get over all that I ain't got

How Much Do You Love Me

Written By: Alex Mitts

How much do you love me?
More than all the fish that now swim in the deep blue sea
How much do you love me?
More than any boy has loved any girl in history
But will you be there when I call?
Will you run right into my arms?
I want to play the songs that warm your heart
And baby, I'm not much, but I'm a start
How much can I love you?
More than all the paint it take to paint the whole sky blue
How much can I love you?
You're the girl, it's true, for whom the world's flowers bloom

Happy at Home

Written By: Alex Mitts

Though you give some meaning to this problem free little life
Well, you just can't please me... Never like my sweet little wife
And a message for you all
If only you knew what you meant to me before
But now you simply know that I can't
Be there for you, and you know I never meant to
Make you cry... Make you sit around, and wait around by the phone
When you're all alone
Furthermore, well I hope you see that I'm sorry
But my heart is happy right here at home
You're just as sweet as candy and I'm a greedy, bumbling boy
Though you're more than plenty, I am simply missing the point
And I never meant to stray away from the rules that I bent
But will find a way
And now I simply know that you can't be there for me
My eyes were closed and I couldn't see what I had
Boy I sure feel dumb for twiddling these thumbs way too long
But you've got my song
Furthermore, well I hope you see that I'm sorry
But my heart is happy right here at home

Secondhand Smoke

Written By: Alex Mitts

Will you be the last burning cigarette?
On a set of lips that are trying to forget
The cancer you forced right into the lungs
A puff of smoke released from your wicked gun
And I can't find another you, another you.
Who will squeeze the life from my veins just like you do
I'd rather hear the lies than face the cleanest truths
And if you go a second time it won't be too soon
An ashtry full of menthol cigarette butts
Like tally marks of all the wasted years and months
I wonder how many times I will feel the burn
Before I wise up, grow a pair, and finally learn
And I may have lied
Coughed a couple fibs before I died
But I will not go
I've had it up to here with all the mirrors and smoke.


"Love and Foolishness" EP (2009)

Set List

Original songs include...

"Apathy Town" (3:14)
"Catching Me" (3:57)
"Switch Hitter" (2:28)
"All That I Ain't Got" (4:36)
"How Much Do You Love Me" (2:56)
"Happy at Home" (3:32)
"Secondhand Smoke" (2:43)

One or two covers in a typical set.

If necessary, a wider array of covers are available for extended sets.