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New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States


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With one glance at his fantastical album cover that looks like it would be on a best-selling romance novel from the 80's, it's apparent Alex Moulton has a sense of humor and a whirlwind love affair with music that could be perceived as cheesy. But really, Moulton's revisiting of synthy '80s glam pop and '70s disco is a treat. The New York resident clearly embraced the sound with open arms and left behind all preconceived notions. It's like Cassius, if they had put out "1999" in 1979. -

"Weekly Dig"

One of the most musically inspired albums of 2008. - Andy Barrett

"Okay Player"

An epic near-masterpiece of a debut...Those who fall under its charms will no doubt find Exodus to be a very rewarding experience, and anyone curious about electronic music could do a lot worse than use it as an introduction. - Justin Demero


The cover of this album sure brings back memories. Anyone who ever enjoyed odd progressive / fantasy import albums from the 1970s will probably have their memory banks shaken here. The cover of Exodus is a slick foldout sleeve that features a really intense painting that recalls albums from obscure seventies artists from Italy and Germany. To add to the authenticity, the CD itself was pressed on black plastic and looks like a tiny little vinyl LP. Hell, they even went so far as to enclose the CD inside a tiny little plastic sleeve just like all those old overpriced imports. How cool is that?

Fortunately, there is much
more to this release than a mere nifty cover. Alex Moulton is the head of the media production company and record label Expansion Team. For this album, Alex created his own storyline and then created the soundtrack for it. Exodus is nothing short of amazing. The music has an overall vibe that recalls progressive
bands from the 1970s...but the sounds and beats are much more current. These tracks spin like twenty-first century takes on progressive rock with one major
difference. In most cases, the music is easy to dance to (!?!). The thick and heady keyboards on this album are extremely focused and intricate. Moulton worked on this project on and off for about four years. This is an amazing album that effectively merges the past with the present.

Fourteen tracks of pure cerebral satisfaction. A real mind blower. Recommended. (Rating: 5+++) - Babysue/LMNOP


[Exodus] sounds like a synthdriven, Moroder-inspired disco album Daft Punk could have used to bridge Homework and Discovery. - Jen Boyles


Icy electronica could be a soundtrack for a robot road movie; funk bass keeps human heads bobbing. - Playboy

"The Stranger"

Space disco so rococo it rivals Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’. - Michelangelo Matos


Moulton’s saturated productions (their influences mixing Vangelis and Moroder, equal parts Body & Soul and the Rex Club) seem best suited for the Paradise Garage dancefloor, as opening themes for Pink Floyd live at Pompeii, or the bumper music for infomercials selling seats to Fhloston Paradise. - Tony Ware


Alex Moulton = The Whip + Midnight Juggernauts + Daft Punk. The music is masterfully crafted, sounding more like the score to an 80s love story than a dance hall burner. Tack on the peculiarity of Kraftwerk, and a little LCD Soundsystem style and you have the schematic for a sexy time. - Andrew Glassett

"The Stranger"

Space disco so rococo it rivals Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’. - Michelangelo Matos


2008 - Exodus (full length LP), currently on radio
2008 - Love Is Alive (EP), currently playing in Victoria's Secret stores

Executive Album Producer: The Beasts of Eden "End Times", Ready Fire Aim "This Changes Nothing", Genji Siraisi "Censorsh!t" and others



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