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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock


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Alex Napping @ Cheer Up Charlie's

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States



"Alex Napping – “Trembles Pt. 1″ (Stereogum Premiere)"

Austin indie-rockers Alex Napping wowed us with early single “Weak Knees” last year, and today they’re back with an even greater track. “Trembles Pt. 1″ is one half of a new digital single that doubles as the soundtrack for a forthcoming short film. The song is beautifully natural yet hard to pin down, veering between the choruses’ Pavement slacker groove and the verses’ tense, fidgety, staccato rhythm. All the while Alex Cohen’s voice and an electric guitar trade simple, beautiful melodies. I’ll let Cohen explain the lyrics:

“Trembles Pt. 1″ is a struggle between commemoration and self-transformation. How do you tell someone you loved them once and still love them in many ways, but have long since moved on romantically? How can you appreciate and value the time you’ve spent with someone, but be so certain that you don’t want it anymore? “Trembles Pt. 1″ is your ex-boyfriend and telling him about your new girlfriend. - Stereogum

"Alex Napping – “Weak Knees” (Stereogum Premiere)"

Alex Cohen’s Austin quartet Alex Napping will release their six-song debut album This Is Not A Bedroom (which they’re calling an LP, not an EP) this fall. “Weak Knees,” the lead single, exists in the same universe as Waxahatchee’s folk-tinged quarter-life-crisis indie rock, and Cohen’s stated influences Pavement and Land Of Talk are evident in the way the band sets striking vocals and dancing high-end guitar riffs against a loping mid-tempo groove. Cohen’s voice sounds killer when she’s reaching for the rafters, too. Listen below. - Stereogum

"Album Stream: Alex Napping - This Is Not A Bedroom"

Alex Napping is an Austin, Texas four-piece who, despite their sleepy name, have an impressive handful of energetic new tracks and don’t seem to be lacking in their live show, either. Members Alex Cohen, Tomas Garcia-Olano, Andrew Stevens and Adrian Haynes have put together a six-song release in This Is Not A Bedroom that employs minimalist vocals and catchy guitar riffs for a buoyant sound that maintains a deeper substance.

This Is Not A Bedroom is set for release on Sept. 23 via Punctum Records, but you can stream the release in its entirety in the player above. - Paste Magazine

"CMJ September 2014 Mixtape"

Alongside tracks from King Tuff, the Growlers, Avi Buffalo, TOPS and more. - CMJ

"Alex Napping @ KUTX"

Soft falsetto vocals and brightly layered guitar riffs have carved a tight niche for Austin-based indie rock quartet Alex Napping’s new release… “Weak Knees” [is] an incandescent single that exemplifies the group’s pop grooves and clever lyrics. - KUTX 98.9


In the year that they’ve been together, Austin, TX four-piece Alex Napping have established themselves as a powerful new force in indie pop with their live performances. Now they have a debut record on its way that promises just as much zeal. The six-track album, This Is Not A Bedroom, features gorgeous clean, sharp instrumentation alongside singer Alex Cohen’s lyrics—at times wry, at times verging on heartbreaking.

In the video for “Catcalls”, we get acquainted with the band through a peek into their bedroom, breakfast, and rehearsal. They take us on a bumpy ride to a talent show where they meet a crew of wacky performers, including a cat whose talent spells out their demise. Cohen’s voice, sweet and clear, passes over clean guitar riffs, occasionally rubbing up against them for some jazz-tinged friction. The song gains momentum as it progresses, and the floating harmonies that emerge around the time Blanche the Cat starts licking the mic are totally infectious.

This is Not a Bedroom is out tomorrow, September 23, on Punctum Records. Scroll down to read what Alex Cohen has to say about the band, her lyrics, and intimate spaces.

How did you all meet?

We all met playing music in various bands across the Austin music scene. In summer of 2013, I asked Andrew to play drums on some recordings of solo stuff I had been working on, but we just sort of naturally expanded and evolved the project from there, inviting Adrian and Tomas to come write songs and play with us the following September.

Aside from a very talented feline, what is “Catcalls” all about?

Haha—the music video or the song? The song itself is thematically about knowing you’re romantically interested in someone, and knowing they are also romantically interested in you, but for various reasons not acting on it. Regardless, both parties still do things to go out of their way to spend a lot of alone time together. You know, like staying up til 6 AM “talking” on your front porch even though you both know the inevitable ending up alone in bed is coming. (Don’t worry, we’re together now! Happy ending!)

The music video is about losing to a cat at a talent show. Because everyone loves cats more than they love bands, especially on the Internet.

The lyrics on This Is Not A Bedroom are honest and evocative. Where do lyrics come into play in your songwriting process?

Usually lyrics are written after I’ve completed a section of a song instrumentally. For instance, if I write the guitar part for a verse that I’m into, I’ll then spend time figuring out the vocal melody and lyrics for that part usually before I move onto to writing another section. It’s typically then that I’ll more concretely establish what exactly the song is about (even if I have a rough idea beforehand). From there I’ll tackle the other sections of the song instrumentally, and then tackle lyrics that continue to fit within the established song meaning. So yeah, most of my songs begin with a single guitar part that I like for a section and then I’ll write lyrics for that section to firm up what the song will end up being about. I can’t really sit down with a set of lyrics and then write the music for it—I find it really limiting because I usually get a set rhythm and melody in my head that’s hard to get rid of. It’s much harder for me to write a guitar part that fits lyrics and a melody than vice versa.

What have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to all of Land of Talk’s discography non-stop since January (I’m horribly obsessed with Elizabeth Powell). I’m also really enjoying a band called Hollerado and the album Memory Map put out this past June. Oh, and the song “Every Breath You Take” by The Police.

Why isn’t this a bedroom?

“This Is Not A Bedroom” stems from the idea that when you’re young, a bedroom is supposed to be this really safe and comfortable space that is totally yours. But as we form relationships with people, bedrooms can become a shared space of intimacy, and a lot of the times those memories and moments can really shape the definition of a space. It’s a strange feeling when you’ve spent a lot of time with someone in your bedroom, perhaps even a majority of the time you’ve been in that space (maybe that’s where you first kissed or spent the night together or said “I love you”), and then for whatever reason that person exits your life and the space feels foreign and has this necessity to be redefined. The album was full of themes like growing pains, loss, and traveling (and thus, actually sleeping in places that really weren’t a bedroom) and I felt like “This Is Not A Bedroom” really encompassed the idea that your perceptions of and meaning for spaces are constantly shifting as you grow, change, and have people come in and out of your world.

Adrian really liked the title because it reminded him of this scene in the movie “Blue Is The Warmest Color” when the two main characters hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years and have this really intimate and sexually/emotionally charged experience in a really public space. This is a restaurant… this is not a bedroom. You should watch that movie if you haven’t—it’s so good! - Impose Magazine

"Week In Pop"

Alex Napping dropped the cut “Catcalls”, another jewel in the Punctum pop canon… we implore you to observe how this transforms into a sentiment fueled rocket ship to dream machines in the sky on the final minute. - Impose Magazine

"Austin Monthly October Music Reviews"

This Is Not a Bedroom
4/5 stars

The debut release from this quartet, fronted by female singer-guitarist Alex Cohen, is a fresh, energetic collection of well-tailored alt-pop tunes. With musical flecks of Broken Social Scene and Lush, the six-song LP offers an upbeat twist on shoegaze-rock, particularly on its dreamier tracks like “Those Secrets.” - Austin Monthly

"Album Review - Alex Napping, This is Not a Bedroom"

This is Not a Bedroom, the debut release from Austin indie-pop outfit Alex Napping, is about the messiness of navigating romance. “I’m filthy as a dog in ways I’ve never been before/ My skin is dry with all the salt that dripped from both our pores,” frontwoman Alex Cohen sings in the frantic “Where Is This Going?,” which sounds like it’s about two people cheating on their significant others. In other songs there are mentions of blemishes that won’t come off with soap, stains left on suitcases, three-week-old body sweat, and a soggy, soaking past.

The album’s title speaks to how the trysts documented here are always unsettled: It’s never as simple as going to sleep in the same bed, together, every night. Opening track “Hallway Eyes” is about a long-distance relationship and how being together never feels like home: “Hallway eyes, elevator rides/ This room is yours and mine/ But only for a little while,” Cohen sings. (She knows it’s doomed and ends the song matter-of-factly with “From here on out/ We’re only heading south.”) In “Catcalls,” in which Cohen perfectly articulates the emotional turmoil of late-night booty calls, there’s a line about sitting in a front yard and “finding sleep so hard.”

It might just be that the songs are so consistently upbeat, but Cohen never sounds stressed about her missteps; instead her vocals are breezy and lyrics self-aware without being mopey or precious. With bright, winding guitars and multi-voiced shouts, Alex Napping are reminiscent of bands like Veronica Falls (minus the fuzziness) or Allo Darlin’ (without the twee wistfulness or pop-culture callouts). “Hallway Eyes” starts with clean guitar pulses, adds synths and then climaxes in a triumphant solo; the backing of “Kill the Lights” is soft and reverbed; “Catcalls” has brisk, glistening waves of layered guitars. Cohen’s sharp wit and relatability make This is Not a Bedroom one of the year’s best indie-pop releases, by a long shot. - Wondering Sound

"Song Premiere: Alex Napping, “Catcalls”"

“Catcalls,” from Alex Napping’s excellent This Is Not a Bedroom LP, is about booty calls, though it’s also fun to imagine the lyrics being about actual cats, specifically the feral ones that have screaming matches on my Brooklyn street super-late at night: “Now it’s late and we’re calling bluffs/ Finding out why it’s been so tough/ To give in to these nightly whims/ It’s 6 a.m. and I have been sick with/ The sound of your catcalls.” But over bright waves of guitars, the Austin band’s frontwoman Alex Cohen perfectly articulates the emotional turmoil of those late-night trysts: “Transparent as obsidian my wandering thoughts are sitting in/ Pools of three-week old body sweat/ But I haven’t got the nerve to shower yet,” she sings. - Wondering Sound

"Song Review: Alex Napping - Weak Knees"

Alex Napping are a group out of Austin, Texas, led by Alex Cohen. They’re about to release their debut album This Is Not A Bedroom (even at 6 songs, they’re saying it’s an album) on September 23 via via Punctum Records.

Lead single “Weak Knees” starts off slow but gradually builds into a very nice groove that is hard to resist. It’s built off a simple riff but it’s the way it utilizes that riff and the vocals of Cohen to its full advantage that makes it a pretty special track. - We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Song Review: Alex Napping, Weak nees"

“If this is not a bedroom, then, at the very least, it’s somewhere you shouldn’t sleep with someone.”
So sayeth singer/guitarist Alex Cohen of indie-rock quartet Alex Napping when asked about the title of their debut album. Following a period of making a name for themselves in the discerning Austin live music scene, the band joined up with Punctum Records for the release of their debut album This Is Not A Bedroom, out September 23rd. Oh yeah, the band is less than a year old.
The two pronged languid guitar approach and tight rhythmic approach sets up Cohen’s deft lyrical work evident in lead single “Weak Knees”. The track sets up the thematics of the record which include “tales of fucked love, lost homes, failed dreams, wandering youth, and the ability to carry on in the face of it all”. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Quickdraw: NehruvianDOOM, Joanna Gruesome, Alex Napping, Spray Paint, Black Milk"

Alex Napping – Weak Knees: If I were to make a list of new Austin bands that I’m really excited about, Alex Napping would land somewhere near the top of it – they just have such an overwhelmingly compelling sound. Trust me when I say you’re going to dig their upcoming album. Look for This Is Not A Bedroom to be released on September 23 via Punctum Records. - Side One, Track One

"Austin Spotlight: Alex Napping Ready Album"

Austin musicians have had a pretty rad week. Although we’ve mostly dealt with the rocking side of things with Spray Paint and Jonly Bonly, but today we get a glimpse at an emerging Austin pop act, Alex Napping. That being said, we’ve already caught the band’s great live set…not to mention talked about various members of the band in their other projects (Major x 3, anything w/ Andrew Stevens). I love how this tune is drawn out over five minutes, gradually building pace after a soft little opening. Alex Cohen’s voice couldn’t sound any better; she don’t need no auto-tune. Look for the band’s debut album, This Is Not a Bedroom, to come out via our friends at Punctum Records in late September. - Austin Town Hall


Indie rock group Alex Napping are gearing up to release their debut album This Is Not A Bedroom (out September 23rd via Punctum Records). Their 90’s indie rock influences are very apparent. Bands like Pavement, The Pixies, and Land of Talk come to mind when listening to the first single “Weak Knees”. It’s slow, easy-going, and delightful. Singer Alex Cohen’s voice is to be reckoned with. It’s one you certainly don’t forget after hearing it for the first time. Listen below. - Noise Babble

"Hear the second single off the debut album from Alex Napping: “Catcalls”"

Hear the second single off the debut album from Alex Napping: “Catcalls” – This Is Not A Bedroom is out September 23rd on Punctum Records!

Austin’s Alex Napping just released the second single off their upcoming debut album, This Is Not A Bedroom, yesterday at Wondering Sound! “Catcalls” showcases Alex Cohen’s (vocals/guitar) knack for a turn of the verse set against intertwining guitars and a fantastic rhythm section. You can hear and share the single via soundcloud:

“Catcalls” follows on the heels of the Stereogum debut of the lead single, “Weak Knees,” mentioning that the song “exists in the same universe as Waxahatchee’s folk-tinged quarter-life-crisis indie rock…” This Is Not A Bedroom (out September 23rd on Punctum Records) showcases one of Austin’s finest new bands. - Middle Tennessee Music

"Alex Napping at Cheer Up Charlies: Live Review"

We’ve seen Alex Cohen perform a solo set before, but her set on Monday night at Cheer Up Charlies with her full band showcased a wholly different project. Onstage, all four member of Alex Napping smile as they interact with one another, particularly bassist Tomas Garcia-Olano (The Eastern Sea) and drummer Andrew Stevens. Garcia-Olano serves as a driving force for all the fun, performing emotively, dancing energetically, and joking between songs.

Alex_Napping-4Most of the projects that Andrew Stevens performs with, Jess Williamson chiefly, requires percussive insight, restraint, and nuance. With Alex Napping, Stevens has the ability to completely let loose with powerful grooves and fills. He switches styles adeptly and masterfully creates tension as the songs unfold. Cohen herself lays down guitar lines and belts out lyrics in a style influenced by late 90s indie rock. Her songs exist at the center of a perfect storm created by these excellent musicians. - Pop Press International

"Alex Napping live up to the hype on ‘This Is Not a Bedroom’"

Austin, Texas, has long been a hotbed for music and you can add indie pop quartet Alex Napping to the ever-growing list of first-rate bands helping “Keep Austin Weird.” After spending the better part of a year generating buzz in and around Austin on the strength of their live shows, Alex Napping make their studio debut with “This Is Not a Bedroom.”

The six-track, 26-minute slab is the perfect introduction to an up-and-coming band that’s anchored by frontwoman Alex Cohen and features guitarist Adrian Haynes, bassist Tomas Garcia-Olano and drummer Andrew Stevens. When asked about the title of the record, Cohen quipped “If this is not a bedroom, then, at the very least, it’s somewhere you shouldn’t sleep with someone.”

She brings those wry observational skills to her music and Alex Napping shine bright on “Hallway Eyes,” “Kill the Lights,” personal favorite “Catcalls” and “Weak Knees.” This band seems poised for something special and I’m eager to go along for the ride. - Pittsburgh In Tune

"The Latest Toughs"

It’s hard to peg why Alex Napping’s “Catcalls” has me so captivated. Removed from each other, the individual elements could be grating; the main guitar has a desperate insistence to it up until it morphs into some Tom Verlaine-like dreaminess and the vocal has an omnipresence that normally bothers me in these kinds of songs, but something about the way the guitar plows through the midrange while the vocal occupies the stratosphere of the song’s range is mesmerizing. Or maybe it’s just that beautiful climax the song has that’s got me hooked, all those vocal lines coming together in the background while the guitars and drums blow up in a delicious cacophony. Whatever the reasons, “Catcalls” is a song I’ve happily kept on repeat, eager to gleam all its sonic secrets. - Orvld

"Alex Napping, But Don't Sleep on Their New Single"

In the days just leadin' up to South By this year, Alex Napping, that band with a sound as cute as its name, gave the internet a new single called "Trembles Part I," which is already making a bit of a stir. In the vein of last year's This Is Not a Bedroom, which we suggested you get into back in October, "Trembles Part I" is another jubilant nod to the glory days of jangly, sunshine-set 90s indiepop. It starts all Pavement-esque guitar and crashing cymbals, and then bounces into something akin to a much less difficult Deerhoofish (that word right there, that was fun to type) experimental, bright and exciting guitar pop sound. This is just a very well balanced song, from band namesake Alex Cohen's lovely light, pretention-less voice to the interest-grabbing tempo changes to the on-spot instrumentation, and it shows just how true it is that Alex Napping is one of Austin's top indiepop bands to watch in 2015. Get on into it. - The Deli Austin


Still working on that hot first release.



Austin,TX-based quartet, Alex Napping, have been turning heads around their hometown with their incredible live performances since inception. Their debut album, This Is Not A Bedroom, which came out on Punctum Records in September 2014, delivers a batch of energetic songs that are both purposeful and raw. The band, comprised of singer and guitarist Alex Cohen, guitarist Adrian Haynes, bassist Tomas Garcia-Olano, and drummer Andrew Stevens, formed in September 2013 around songwriter Cohen’s solo recordings.

“If this is not a bedroom, then, at the very least, it’s somewhere you shouldn’t sleep with someone,” says a lot about Cohen, lead singer and guitarist in Alex Napping, when asked about the title of their debut album. She has a way with a phrase, both in person and in her music, that’s at once charming and thought provoking. The music found on their debut album, This Is Not A Bedroom, shoots a wink to their influences that run the gamut of Pavement to Land of Talk and Broken Social Scene, with a throwback to the vocal melodies and guitar riffs of early 90s indie rock and the driving and rhythmic drones of the oughts. That said, it’s the poetic charm that Cohen brings to the band that rewards repeat listeners. Scattered amongst the six songs on the album are tales of fucked love, lost homes, failed dreams, wandering youth, and the ability to carry on in the face of it all and it’s done with an astonishingly wry lyricism.

For a band that’s less than two years old, they’ve already left a big footprint in the hotbed of music that is their hometown of Austin, TX with a staggeringly fierce live show. On stage, one experiences the reality that these four musicians are a true band… the rhythm section is incredibly tight and lays a beat that allows the two guitarists to intertwine, ebb and flow, while Cohen’s vocals dance above the top. In short, Alex Napping is a band for fans of unrestrained emotion coupled with careening pop music.

This Is Not A Bedroom came out September 23rd, 2014 on Punctum Records. Alex Napping have shared the stage with Alvvays, Speedy Ortiz, Yellow Ostrich, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The Cave Singers, Alex G, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

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