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"Talented and Funny"

"How can someone with such serious and wonderful songs be so funny and charming at his shows?" - Art Mouth

"Alex Nelson Performance"

Talented singer-songwriter Alex Nelson seemed deeply connected to that place where the songs come from - Metromix - Alyson Gold

"Alex Nelson and Dooms De Pop featured at Florida? Yeah! event"

Nelson crafts lo-fi acoustic numbers infused with keyboards and topped with emotional and sincere lyricism - Erica Landau / New Times

"It Only Takes One Man"

Nelson specializes in hushed tales of heartbreak run, live, through a byzantine setup of knobs and buttons. It captures the essence of both Dashboard Confessional and, say, the Postal Service, and it works -- really works. - Miami New Times

"Alex Nelson"

Fans of Radiohead, Pixies, Bob Mould, and the Handsome Furs now have a new singer/songwriter to add to their list of favorites: Alex Nelson. Describing himself as being a member of the "Alternapop" genre, his songs are as alternative as they are pop, which has him sitting comfortably in a spot where his commercial success is not far away but his integrity is guaranteed to stay intact. Many of his songs sound like they belong on movie soundtracks and his catalog is filled with enough quality material that listeners can pick their own personal favorite song, rather than wait for the obvious hit like an overtly pop artist would have. Be on the lookout for his CD, "Everything You Wanted to Say, But Didn't" which follows hist debut EP, "How did we end up here?" recorded under his moniker as an electric artist - "Frenjen." Beyond the facts and credits, what makes Alex Nelson so special? Well, in addition to his obvious talent as a musician, Alex's live shows are very entertaining. Alex not only grabs you with his music, but is able to capture the audiences attention with humor that gets them laughing and encourages dialogue that gets the audience participating in the show. Go see him live and chuckle your stress away with his funny stories and jokes between songs! - We Merge Magazine

"CD Review"

"Alex Nelson isn't just a singer/songwriter, he's a personality. Deeply personal songs delivered with heart on sleeve and sprinkled with health doses of skepticism and wit are the order of the day..." - Wildy's World

"Video :: Alex Nelson"

We all have thoughts and bits of conversation and ideas that swirl around in our heads, and often they want to become something, maybe a song or a painting or a sculpture. But they can't, really, until they're done swirling and are ready to settle down and come to fruition. Sometimes we try to rush these things by putting pen to paper or paint to canvas too soon, only to find that the thoughts need to go back inside and blow around awhile longer. But sometimes, when the stars are lined up just right, those thoughts come tumbling out to create a song, story or painting that depicts exactly what we're feeling.

Fort Lauderdale singer-songwriter Alex Nelson says that "She Said," a song from his forthcoming CD Everything You Wanted to Say But Didn't, is one of those songs that expresses exactly how he felt when he wrote it. It's also one of his favorite tunes on the CD, mostly because of Melissa Vazquez's backing vocals, he says.

And now he's made a video.

Nelson didn't set out to do anything elaborate. "No big storyline or complex plot," he explains. "I didn't want to have a bunch of people around, which I ended up having anyway. ... My idea was ... someone walking out, sitting on a curb and replaying a conversation about someone who just broke with him, because that's what we do sometimes. We escape into ourselves. Go somewhere and just sit and think. Seemed easy enough. One camera, one shot. Bang.

He wanted to approach it differently than the first video he made for the the song "Relaxing in Public."

"I wanted a more human element and I wanted to do it with live video rather than animation," he says. "I was tossing around the idea of filming myself and throwing the words around the live action. One thing I really liked about the RIP video was that the words were there. Because a lot of times when I listen to a song I want to know the words and I like having them on the screen to read. I'm one of those people that like to watch movies with closed captioning. So I had the idea... live action with words. ... But I didn't know what to do.

"Then one day while driving by my drummer Steve Monell's house I came across a furniture store that had a nice big flat white wall and I said, 'That's it.' ... Needless to say, this location wasn't exactly the best neighborhood. It was super hot, the store was open and there were several shops to my right where people were yelling back and forth to each other. My biggest concern was that someone from the store would come out and say something during the middle of filming and ask us to leave. I was about 10 feet from the door. People were coming in and out of the store, looking over. In the end, I was also very happy no one parked in the parking spaces between me and the camera. A couple of times I thought people were going to walk into the shot, but once they saw the camera they went around (minus the one car). I felt bad not acknowledging those people, but I was keeping to the idea that I was alone there with my thoughts."

Despite the challenges of video making, Nelson wants to push on, and make one for every song on his new CD, which will be released Aug. 21.

Nelson has a slew of shows coming up including one on Saturday with Jeff Durham, Jarad Weber and Chris Monteleone at The Bull Bar in Delray Beach, and another on July 25 at Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale. Check Nelson's site for more dates and to listen to his songs. - Metromix


Solo Release:
everything you wanted to say but didn't... (2009)

Cape May Songwriters Festival Compilation (2010)



Alex Nelson stuns his listeners not so much as if he’s reading their minds but rather knowing their hearts without the usual smack of melodrama that tends to accompany music of this genre. “We all play scenarios of things that have happened or could have happened if we had just said something different or reacted a different way.” he says of the eleven tracks that manage to touch an ember of experience in anyone who’s ever had a relationship, completely dismissing the pleading sap and delivering the snap of reality we often need to finally take responsibility and make a new choice.

The lead track She Said unleashes the punch-in-the-gut of realization that “it’s over” and explores the absurdity of a last kiss and the struggle to keep composure until you can be alone to fall apart. From Mistake on through the entire CD all the songs make strong points, leaving no facet of the phases and faces of a break-up unexamined all while managing to beg the obvious question of why you wouldn’t want the person who has your heart to really know it in the moment it matters most.

From disbelief, shock, despair, acceptance, grief and longing , the prismatic spectrum of love had, lost, and better left behind are showcased and you’ll soon find yourself strumming along with Alex’s ‘Everyman’ journey; each melody stringing a story, taking you deeper into his pain and your own. After the dust settles and you collect the pieces of yourself, you’ll have the CD’s bonus eleven track mirror of instrumentals to reflect on as you try to move into the meantime of life-after -relationship.

With a stellar sense of humor fatefully paired with a lightning-fast wit, both onstage and off, Alex Nelson gets to the bottom of the human heart with all he says and does. His lyrics strip a person down to the soul to reveal a most universally undeniable factor: we all tend to think too much and hold back when we shouldn’t.

Alex's Album "Everything you wanted to say but didn't" won "Best Local Album" in South Florida for 2010.

The song "She Said" has been used in Season 7 of the PBS show Roadtrip Nation.

The songs "She Said", "Mistake", and "Ask" have been featured in public campaigns in the U.K. and Canada.

WLRN 91.3 FM - Radio Interview on Michael Stock Acoustic Show
WRPBiTV - On-Air Interview/Performance
CBS12 WPEC - On Air Interview/Performance
88.5 WNSU Radio - On Air Interview/Performance

Nahville Songwriters Association

Ecomaniafest - 2009
Deland Music Festival - 2009
Miami Music Festival - 2009
Songwriters Showcase Broward Center for Performing Arts - 2009
30A Songwriters Festival - 2010
Largopalooza - Key Largo, FL - 2010
SSCape May Singer Songwriter - Cape May, NJ - 2010
Newport Guitar Festival - 2010
Bluebird Cafe Tent Country Throwdown Tour - 2010
Finalist for June 2010 Eddies Attic Shootout - 2010
Featured acoustic artist Rockitcon Festival - 2010
Miami Music Festival Songwriters in the Round Showcase - 2010

Dan Marino Foundation
American Cancer Society
Autism Speaks


"Alex Nelson isn't just a singer/songwriter, he's a personality. Deeply personal songs delivered with heart on sleeve and sprinkled with health doses of skepticism and wit are the order of the day..." - Wildy (Wildy's World)

"Nelson crafts lo-fi acoustic numbers infused with keyboards and topped with emotional and sincere lyricism" -Erica Landau (New Times)

"Talented singer-songwriter Alex Nelson seemed deeply connected to that place where the songs come from" -Alyson Gold (Metromix)

"How can someone with such serious and wonderful songs be so funny and charming at his shows?" Neil Ramsay (ArtMouth - President)

Some of Alex's influences include: Bob Mould, Dallas Davidson, the Frames, Badly Drawn Boy, Amy Ray, Jets to Brazil, Soul Asylum, Matthew Sweet, Lori McKenna, Matt Morris, Pete Yorn, Ryan Adams, the Hold Steady, Ben Hayslip