Alex Niswander

Alex Niswander

 Altoona, Iowa, USA

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Friday Night Alone

Written By: Alex Niswander

Friday Night Alone, Alex Niswander

She’s been gone since Monday, Said she’s done with me. G D C D
I know its all my fault, I made her leave. G D C D
I tried sending chocolates, roses in a vase, G D C D
Ill leave a light on, so she can find her way… G D C D

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep G, D,
It’s a Friday night alone C, D
I wonder round this big old house, G, D
And hate that you are gone C, D
If you need now, if you want me girl, G, D
Don’t call me on the phone C, D
You gotta come back home. C, D, G

Talked to her daddy, he said son she’ll come around. G D C D
You gotta give them time, that’s what I found. G D C D
He said she’s at her mamas, And I shouldn’t call. G D C D
I tried a few times, guess she didn’t wanna talk. G D C D


Wish it could be like it was before AM, C, D
What I wouldn’t give to see you walking through my door AM, C, D


Come back home to me
Wont you come back home
Baby come back home to me. –