Alex Rhoads

Alex Rhoads

 Burke, Virginia, USA

It's not every day you come across a musician with exceptional guitar, vocal and songwriting skills. Alex Rhoads happens to be one of these musicians. Pairing unique melodies and meaningful lyrics with an enjoyable selection of cover songs, Alex puts on a performance that you won't want to miss!


In a world of manufactured music, it is truly refreshing to come across a young artist with genuine talent. In addition to writing songs that are both melodious and meaningful, Alex Rhoads shows promise with her outstanding guitar work and vocal ability.

Beginning piano at age 7, Alex quickly acquired an intense interest in music. However, it wasn't until the age of 14 that she picked up a guitar. She began both performing locally and writing original songs two years later.

While always striving for success in the music business, Alex has never been one to follow the latest trend or fashion. Her songs have great variety, as no two sound alike. Some boast a classic rock or blues influence, while others capture the best of today's modern sound. Her live performances are truly enjoyable as she pairs her original music with a large array of cover songs that please listeners of all ages.

Alex has played both solo and with a full band at many local venues such as Bangkok Blues (Falls Church, VA), Jammin' Java (Vienna, VA), Jaxx (West Springfield, VA), the Burke Centre Festival (Burke, VA), Stacy's Coffee Parlor (Falls Church, VA), and many more.

In 2007, Alex's song Recognized won Honorable Mention in the Rock Category of the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, sponsored by the Songwriter's Association of Washington. In 2008, her song I Found My Way won Honorable Mention in the same contest. She has just released her debut album, Room to Breathe, an EP with six of her original songs. In addition to being the sole songwriter for this album, Alex also performed all guitar, bass, vocal, piano and even harmonica tracks. Too good to be true? Listen for yourself!

"Alex works diligently at her craft...[her songs] capture the best of today's modern rock."
-The Alexandria Times


I Found My Way

Written By: Alex Rhoads

She grew up with an emptiness
She always felt like something less
Than everyone else she'd see

She held them in a low regard
Watched everybody try so hard
She knew that one day she'd be free

To find her way, to find her way
She knew the day would come

She felt like she was never heard
It's like she never said a word
It never was what she pictured or what she'd see

When everything she loved would go
She always tried to take it slow
But living in panic never made it easy

To find her way, to find her way
She knew the day would come

Living life behind a painted window
Living life under a willow tree
Letting tears fall on your pillow
Never seemed like much of a life to me
Maybe one day you'll see tomorrow
Maybe sometime you'll face today
Then you won't have to beg or borrow
And everyone will hear you say

I found my way, I found my way
I knew the day would come
I found my way, I found my way

I knew the day would come


Room to Breathe (EP), released 2007

Set List

Alex Rhoads' typical setlist consists primarily of original songs, including:

Over and Over Again
Room to Breathe
I Found My Way
Throw it Away
All I Can Do
Fast Train
You Can't Hear Me
Summer Rain
You Don't Have to Say It
Leave Me Alone
What He Said

Covers by bands/artists such as:

Paul McCartney
KT Tunstall
Foo Fighters
Guns 'N Roses
The Cure
Collective Soul
The Cranberries