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ALEX RUSHIN – J U S T L I S T E N & B E A M U S E D ! Shortly the Biography: Born 13.08.1971 in Pushkin, Russia Studies: 1977 - 1987 English School in Petersburg 1987 -1991 High School of Music in Moscu MKPU, Russia, Profile Classes : Percussion, Composition Profesores: Alexander Jusupov - Composition, David Felzmann – Percussion 1991 - 1992 Production and co-direction of culture events of of Centre of Art " Russj" in Moscow and meanwhile participation in various musical project in Moscow and in Russia. 3 Place in International Festival in Sochi, Russia with Song "Hello, Moscow" 2 Place in Festival of Young Pop in Gorky Park, with Song "Star Islands" 2 Place in Radio Europa Plus with the Song of L.Timoshenko „Snow Angels“ as the Singer & Performer meanwhile - Various TV – Shows & Tournees across the Russia. 1992 - December - Invitation from International Youth Christian Assotiation of Germany for the contract with the own musical project „ Jesus Loves You“. During his more than 15 years living in Germany, and since 2004 being bounded with partially time contract in the local branch of the Company “KOCH UNIVERSAL” as Composer, charismatic person Alex Rushin was successfully collaborated with such Coryphées of Pop - as Fancy, G.G.Anderson, Chris Norman, Jonny Logan, Albano Carrisi, Reiner Thielmann, Peter Graf, Alan Silson, Tony Marshall, Kai Boeking, Peter Maffay Andrea Lamar, Sandra Ahrabian and many others. "Musikmarket" in August 2004 gave a laudatory review on it’s page, Company "Activ Sound Studio" (Austria, Landeck) took the song "Nur Die Liebe" in the baggage of their production for the project "Ilka und Robert" ,whose CD got the “Gold” in Austria in 2006. Despite the natural talent, Alex is constantly working upon the improvement of his creative and musical abilities and talents. In his Vocal Coaching School in Tenerife, Canary Islands he has developed and presented his own technology for training the strength and of the voice during the long-acting performance. As the owner of the Record Studio he is involved in many project all over Canary Island and in Europe. English Magazine “The Sun” wrote: “With powerful and energetic voice, during his 2 hours performance Alex Rushin, as the winner & participant of many festivals in Europe and the only Russian residential performer in Canary Islands - represents his own compositions, popular rock and pop themes of 70s, 80s & 90s, covering songs from Beatles, Eagles, Deep Purple, Nazareth, Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Chris Norman and others, making interesting re-mixes of different Projects and re-mixes of Sting, Dire Straits, Bon Jovi and many more. Extraverted and extraordinary Singer Alex Rushin covers events of all sizes and formats: from very exclusive, up to large scale public events, family reunions, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, product presentations, trade fairs, galas, shows on cruises, hotel and club events, open air concerts, TV & radio concerts and many more. Apart of this, as an owner of recording studio he offers you a unique chance for a creative music co – operation and your own production… so do not hesitate and get in touch...”


We walked away

Written By: Alexey Afanasiev - Alex Rushin

we walked away hand in hand leaving behind sea and sunset
you drew a line on a sand catching sights of the evening dancers
tropical rain saw night fall
washing away all our sorrows - you said you ve heard a distant call - softest voice telling strangest stories...

one day we ve been together
one day we ve touched the heaven
you told me its now or never
let the magic start
one day we ve been together
one day we ve touch the heaven
but something will stay forever -
in my lonely heart

and when morning came
and we woke up,
you said this game leaves me breathless...
gliding alone thru the mist -
there were two gulls
like you and me...

Closer To The Stars

Written By: Alexey Afanasiev - Alex Rushin

Close to the Stars
i´ve been lost and down,
spending many days alone-
i didn´t hope to find my love again,
but every lonely night
when i dreamed about you -----
it promised me more
than just a loving game

one day angels gave me a sign
when you looked at me and smiled-
don´t you know how feelings grow
healing broken soul...

we ´re united from the start
magic let it be so free
now we ´re blessed with this romance
giving joy for you and me

all my sorrows run away
you´re here in my arms
and the sky invites our love
always closer to the stars

flying above the clouds
we reach our neverland
the wind of time blows misery away
embraced with heaven´s grace
we enter the paradise
where magic of love
remains for many days
we´ll be sailing side by side
in the ocean blue of light
right across the milky way
and my love will say

Like A Beast

Written By: Alexey Afanasiev - Alex Rushin

Like a Beast
(M+L.: Alexi Afanasiev) Copyrights

saying "good night",
i won´t leave you, dear -
i´m coming up to you,
i can be even near
close your tired eyes
wake up your imagination
now you and me belong
to the sexy nation

forget these common rules
and live your loving season
sacrifice your soul
welcome to my prison
against all odds
and silly contradictions
get a groove
of my loving fiction...

like a beast...
no matter what you feel
she will get you as a meal
for her lust and joy
like a beast...
sexy body, pretty face
no mercy, no grace...
are you ready, boy?

i never cool you down -
we take another round,
and when you kiss me deep
you hear my secret sound...
for you it´s love, for me it´s fun for money -
come on, let´s groove
do you want me, honey?

Jesus Loves You

Written By: Alexey Afanasiev - Alex Rushin

When i´m looking in your eyes
your hopeless tears are asking me
why should our feelings fade and die?
and how to live and how to be?...

there´s no mercy in around-
and every stranger bothers you,
it´s hard to find a remedy
to heal the heart...

Little Darling,
This world goes crazy -
You shouldn´t worry
Jesus loves you
and i want you (need you*)
every night
and every day...

you shouldn´t spent your life to cry-
your dreams come true, it takes some time:
go for the light - your cosmic guard -
the sun will shine -
and you´ll break thru...

and then you look into my eyes
to tell me wisdom of these days
"Love´s in the heart
it never dies,
if one believes..."

Kick The Fools

Written By: Alexey Afanasiev - Alex Rushin

the Sunshine´s calling my Name
and generous light is in my Town
i feel quite happy so far
some funny guys start bustle around
i hate this “friendly” escort
there´s no big comfort
to hear their´s preaching
they wanna wash my brains
control my gains all the time...

„I wanna brake this rules,-
I´m gonna kick the fools
oh, don´t you feel the same?...

i wanna find my way
enjoying every day- ...
i wanna kick the fools
i trust in Spirit- of- Blue
I know it ´s true
I need this Light
I ´ve got my chance on the stage
to break the cage...
and to be free...???

every door is locked in my lonely Town
I´m gonna open ´em and swing my joy around
for the brotherhood, and our happy days
I sing for you the message of the
heaven´s grace


Written By: Alexey Afanasiev - Alex Rushin

I am the one who makes you cry
And i m the one who eats your life away
every day
I m your most unpleasant dream
I make you jump i make you scream
inside - no way to hide...
i play with your insanity
destroy your childish vanity
relax - enjoy my game
take a breath, and shut your mind
and let your ego stay behind -
get burning like a flame...


Dont you wish your life could be
a life with no exiety -
so fine so divine...
you know - that its not up for you...
cos i deside just what you do -
you re mine...
oh yes, - you re mine!!!

Only Love

Written By: Alexey Afanasiev (Alex Rushin)

When darkness covers all around
And mysteries possess my town
I wake up my emotions thru midnight holy motion – I m melting in the sound…
My passion burns with the velvet flame –
My mission s far beyond this game –
I think it’s time for a nation to hear my revelation…
Like statement of the day…
Only Love heals the wounds of the broken days…
Only Love let the wonder to be…
Touch your Heart and hear what it says to you:
Only Love makes us happy and free…


Written By: Alexey Afanasiev (Alex Rushin)

Anyway i tell you
What i need to tell
And the swirl of music
Gives The Heaven s spell

cos while the days go by
you make me feel alive

Before the sun goes down
You ll hear it all around

if you want to know the secret
Leave aside the things you new
open up your heart
Let the music dance
And believe that i love you

if you want to know the secret
Feeling universal truth
Let suspisious mind be one step be-hind
On the way to your Realm of blue

I know its hard to leave
This crazy world
And feel the earth like
Promissed paradise
Enjoy this time but find your peace inside
Within the vision of eternal light


Written By: Alexey Afanasiev (Alex Rushin)

I remember the summer time - where miracle was near
This moment has gone and now I am alone and lost in the gloom
But I know that I’ll break thru And all my dreams come true
If my soul composes romance That I ’ll dedicate to you…

Desire, let me feel the heaven
Unchain my sound – get off the ground
And chase for delight…
Desire , take me deep and higher
I m gonna fly across the night straight to the light…

No matter what they would say
about the tenderness of my heart
You’ re making my day and shine on my way
Wherever I go
The sun is smiling again for lovers and two good friends
When I take this romance and sing my soul for you…
?????? ????? ? ?????? ??? ? ????? ?????? ????? –
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?? ??????????? ??? ? ?????… ??? - ???? ???????, ???? ???? ?????? ???? … ???????
??????? ??????? , ??????? ????? ? ?????? ???? ??????????? ????? – ???????…
??? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ??????!

I know and I believe

Written By: Alexey Afanasiev (Alex Rushin)

??? ?????? ? ????? - ????
????? ?????? ? ?????? ??????,
?? ????? ?????? ??????? ????
? ?????? ????? ???????? ??? ??? ????? –

I know and I believe in love because of you
You‘re everything I need To make my dreams come true
I know and I believe – and Heaven understand
You‘re my sweetest song - My heart is in your hands…

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????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???????…
? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ??????? ????? -
??? ????? ?????, ? ????? ?? ???…

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? ????? ???? ???? ?? ???? ????? ????…
????, ??? ??????? ??? ?? ??? ?????????? ?????,
??? ?????????? ? ???? ?? ????? ??????…


a lot of projects as "Sentimental agents",co-laboration with Fancy, Charlie Glass, Jonny Logan,Wolfgang Herrmann and other activities & events

Set List

apart of my own programm I cover a lot of artist-for example
Bryan Adams
David Coverdale
Freddy Mercury
Chris Norman