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"Rosita Stone"

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"Remarkable Rosita"

Press Reviews

Remarkable Rosita METRO NEWS TORONTO
Metro Newspaper Toronto
Sound Check
Ian Nathanson

Features and snapshots from the world of music - local, national and abroad.

published february 9, 2005

Remarkable Rosita
Worldly musician sings, dances,and motorbikes

Musician Rosita Stone has a globe-trotting resumé and some unusual hobbies.

When was the last time you heard of a writer/singer/ arranger who exudes exotic beauty, boasts a Mexican-Russian heritage, possesses a voice velvety enough to wow many a Latin American audience, and who has in-depth knowledge of motorcycles?

"I've been in love with them ever since I was seven," says Edmonton-born, Toronto-based Rosita Stone about her affection for all things of the motorized, two-wheeled kind. "I owned and worked on 50ccs, 80ccs, right on up to 1250ccs.

"Nowadays I teach women and men how to ride motorcycles. It's funny, when they see this 5-foot-6 woman boldly riding around, it instills confidence that other people can learn to ride them, too."

Proud as she is of her biker-girl persona, Stone confidently considers music to be her calling.

Her exuberant live performances - which will include tonight's appearance at Yorkville's Babalúu as part of a tsunami relief show organized by Latin Vibes of OMNI TV - and her six-song EP, The Real Deal, come from years of a self-imposed hard-work ethic.

"The Real Deal is, for me, a present, a gift to give to the world," Stone says. "I often feel like music has been my chosen destiny. And I've been very lucky that my parents were very supportive of me following my dreams."

Such a worldly perspective may have come from something of a transient upbringing, but Stone also managed to place herself in as many right-place, right-time scenarios as possible.

As a child, she logged in many a dancing hour with choreographer Richard Rizzo of Solid Gold fame.

Schooling took place in Mexico, Malta, Colombia and Houston and, after graduating from a prestigious dance academy in Los Angeles, she toured the likes of Egypt, Israel and the North Pole singing as part of United Nations tours.

Bigger breaks began to unfold later on, some so-so, some good.

They included a chance encounter with A&R guru John Kalodner (Cher, Sammy Hagar, Aerosmith); a near-collaboration with Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler; sharing a stage with Ani DiFranco during a Pride Day concert, appearing in a video for Seal's Get It Together; singing jingles for Burger King, Coca-Cola and Sears; working with some of the finest Nashville songwriters; and appearances on TV shows such as FX.

That, and a highly publicized forthcoming tour of Latin America, would be enough to swell many heads, but not Stone's. Apart from the motorcycles, her love of animals helps keep her grounded.

"I even have a take-out window, where raccoons and possums drop by for food," Stone says. "And yes, they all have names. Believe it or not, it's one of the many things that keep me normal."

- Metro News

"La Cantante Rosita Stone"

Shock magazine Latin America June 2005
Nueva en nuestro país
La cantante canadiense de origen mexicano-ruso, Rosita Stone, prepara una gira por América Latina y su primer álbum en español. Ahora se atreve a cantar en nuestro idioma, pues su producción anterior, The real deal, fue éxito. Así que… ¿por qué no extender los límites? Aunque en Colombia apenas la conocemos, en el resto del continente ha obtenido muy buena acogida. Don´t be afraid, Smile my way y Rainbow child, son algunas canciones que están empezando a emitir en las emisoras de por aquí
- Shock Magazine- Latin America


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"Rosita on Cover of Vida Latina Magazine"

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"WATCH OUT!! NO.2 in Colombia, NO. 1 in Toronto and climbing"

Vida Latina News
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- Vida Latina News (Magazine)

"Bon Voyage"

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"Rosita Stone"

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*The Real Deal 6 song EP released in Canada
*The Real Deal 13 song CD released in Latin America (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.
*Canciones De Mi Vida- to be finished and released in Spring 2008 (Rosita Stone and Jorge Lopez)
*Rosita has frequent airplay on 106.5 FM Aboriginal Voices Radio, also CBC Radio, 1610 AM Radio Voces Latinas and has airplay in Latin America via RCN and Caracol Intercontinental radio stations.

PLEASE NOTE that Rosita has alot of press and also videos that were not able to be uploaded to this EPK because of sizes etc, you can view her press and top 10 videos (independently done by Rosita and aired on major stations) at her website
You can view the HARLEY DAVIDSON/CITYTV Video clip from this EPK or go to her website



Rosita Stone wins the "Singer of the Year" award at the Latin American Achievement Awards (Premios Somos) held at the prestigious Living Arts Center on December 2nd, 2005.

Rosita Stone Biography

You know how sometimes you go out thinking you have a good idea what you're in for, only to have your expectations turned upside-down, shaken around and completely exceeded?

That's Rosita Stone, a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in fragments of broken mirror wrapped in a spicy enchilada. She's Canuck multi-culti, being of Mexican-Russian descent - a Gypsy Aztec temple singer with a Tori Amos yen for turning stuff inside out.

A tireless self-starter, Rosita writes, arranges, and produces her material, keeping it exotic, honest and spiritual. Critics have placed her sound somewhere between folk, primal and the ethereal, although comparisons are somewhat dubious - she's truly unique.

The essence of her music is emotional, the appeal universal, the delivery inclusive, evocative and unforgettable. As a songwriter, Rosita isn't afraid to delve into the messiest of human emotions, and is able to turn out a lyric that is simultaneously poignant and vengeful. As a performer, she's got watchability to the max - whether accompanying herself on guitar or piano or backed by a full band, you can't take your eyes off her once she kicks into a song.

Her track record includes being an up and coming success story in Latin America in 2005 where she was the opening act for Latin folk Superstar "Carlos Vives" to audiences of more than 12 thousand people. In Toronto it was heralded as the Latin Concert of the Year for 2005. She's charted in Colombia at Number 2 and Number 4, a Number in Chile and 2 Number ones's in Hispanic Toronto. This Independent artist has returned from extensive promotional tours in Latin America, including interviews with Rolling Stone Latin, performing live on many tv shows such as on Citytv/Muchmusic for a viewing audience of 50 million, where she also received an award for her 2 videos both reaching the Top 5 and in top rotation for 32 weeks consecutive. Both videos were shot live at the Rivoli club in Toronto and were initially meant for promotion on her website only! You can view these videos on her website.

Things are continuing to look up for Rosita as Universal music has picked up her self produced indie CD"The Real Deal" for a five country distribution deal in Latin America (via her licencee Easy Entertainment in Colombia. As an indie artist, her CD is available in Canada.

In Canada the CBC, 106.5 Aboriginal Voices Radio and 1610 AM is playing her music. In latin America, both main stream and niche radio are spinning her tracks including the 40-country major Transcontinental Radio station called RADIO LA W where she was interviewed by the notoriously famous Latin American host Julio Sánchez Cristo. His comments about Rosita were truly spectacular, likening her to some of the most successful artists in the world such as Norah Jones, Joss Stone and Shakira. She's been pressed by everybody from Entertainment Tonight Online and Reuters to The Toronto Star, NOW and METRO Toronto, receiving press and coverage from the local papers to the largest newswires, tv shows, and magazines such as TVGrama (the Latin equivalent to People Magazine), EFE (the Spanish equivalent to Reuters) Hoy (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles), Much Music and Citytv Bogotá, TLN and the list continues to grow. Rosita Stone has accomplished all of this as a Canadian independent artist through sheer determination and not stop work ethics.

Rosita loves Nashville!! Rosita has already co-written with some of Nashville’s finest hit songwriters from Music Row: .Kim Tribble who’s written a No.1 hit for Martina McBride including many others, with Philip Douglas (Curb) who’s penned many hits and also has won best Independent song of the year in Canada with the hit “You don’t own me” (Johnny Reed). Rosita has also co- written with Kris Bergsness (Song Garden Publishing) who’s penned songs for Tim McGraw, LoneStar, Amy Grant and she’s also had the privilege to write Tony Ramsey (George Straight). She is invited back to Nashville to co-write with Don Poythress of BMG Publishing who writes for Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt and Willy Nelson.

Not just a music lover, Rosita loves her motorcycles.! She’s a real life motorcycle instructor and has a Harley-Davidson sponsorship in Colombia. You can view a video clip on her website from a Harley Davidson/Citytv Bogotá cross promotion where she is interviewed an d then rides the streets of Bogota on a new V-Rod Harley.

Rosita has played Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Germany and the U.S. In Canada she’s performed at Canadian Music Week, the International Hispanic Fiesta, Natan Philips Square, Harbourfront for various festivals, Mariposa Festival, International Acid Jazz Festival, Pride Day, First Mexican Cultural Festival, and her favorite