Alex Statan

Alex Statan


If John Mayer and Prince found a way to have a baby, and that baby thought he was Justin Timberlake, that would be getting close to describing Alex. The sound is something like Jack White meets Jack Black with a bit of James Brown thrown in for good measure.


Alex Statan's music is undeniably slick, filled with catchy hooks and grin inducing lyrics--but any fan of Alex's would immediately tell you that you haven't heard the half of it. He doesn't just play his music; Alex is an out and out performer, his songs engage the audience and bedlam ensues. He turns any room into a stage, any casual onlooker into a groupie. The music is upbeat, addictively catchy, funky, raunchy, sexy, and audience friendly. With his hysterical debut release, Go Big or Go Home, Alex poses the question, "What if I happen to be your Future Lover?"


Go Big or Go Home copyright 2008

single: Don't Hold Back