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Alex Sweeton

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Review of Invisible Girl"

A strong groove coupled with the sweet, inviting voice of Alex Sweeton opens the EP "Invisible Girl". The ride continues with an emotional roller coaster of moods and styles, effectively conveyed by her great band (LOVE the acoustic bass) and the range of her voice, which engages the listener until the very end of the disc. Like most great rides, it's over too soon. Looking forward to more from this promising artist! - Missy Fogarty, WDFH 90.3 FM Ossining

"Review of Invisible Girl"

No one has ever questioned Alex Sweeton's ability to sing with passion, power & beauty. The six songs on her new EP, Invisible Girl, make it evident that Alex can write lyrics & music worthy of her great voice.
- Bob Leone, Songwriters Hall of Fame

"Review of Singing... in a word..."

... marvelous ...
- Village Voice, New York City

"ALEX SWEETON'S 'Perfectly Broken' Perfectly Performed"

"I can't stop listening to Perfectly Broken. I get a lot of CDs, most of them really good, but I usually don't have time to listen to them once I'm done with the review. But once in a while I come across something that I just can't push aside and demands that I listen to it. Your CD has done that to me. It's the combination of the music, your voice and the lyrics that makes it impossible to stop listening."-Shane Werlinger,

Shane's official review:

ALEX SWEETON'S "Perfectly Broken" Perfectly Performed
Written by Shane Werlinger
Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Perfectly Broken
by Alex Sweeton

If you’re a woman that needs to be empowered, you might want to talk to Alex Sweeton. Oh, you don’t live in New York? The next best thing might be to get her new CD, Perfectly Broken, and learn about a woman that has been through the wringer and come out just fine.

As the title alludes, Sweeton has come through this journey called life broken. She invites us on the path with her. She bares her soul with lyrics that touch our heart. As her voice, filled with passion, heartache, and sometimes joy, delivers her thoughts, we realize that her journey is ours; her path brushes close to us, sometimes painfully close.

While the subject matter may not always be the happiest of things to sing about, the album is far from a downer. Sweeton gives the music a pop feel in the vein of Cheryl Crow. She’ll have your feet tapping even on the most honest of songs. She also has a beautiful, sultry voice that takes off most of the edge.

Perfectly Broken begins with a slightly upbeat song. Don’t Know gives a look at a woman that is uncertain of the future, but she’s happy with where she is in life. The path becomes a little broken with Goodbye Without Leaving and Easier to Lie. We see the end of a relationship and the hurt and indecision that can bring. The way becomes a little clearer in Never Thought as she springs the possibility of love on us.

After a few songs of the ups and then downs of life and love, Junkie brings us a disturbing view of the dependency we can have on others. I know that many have felt this way to some degree and it can be scary when it’s mirrored back to us. The journey ends with If You See Me. It’s a great summation of what we have been through. I say we because we live it with Sweeton.

Perfectly Broken is a multi-tiered CD. The music ranges from pop-rock to a pop-country sound. Alex Sweeton guides us every step with her amazing voice. To say that Perfectly Broken is filled with anger or sadness would do it a disservice. It brings out the highs and lows of life. It is real, honest, and, at times, raw. It’s a path many of have tread and, like Sweeton, come out not just broken, but perfectly so.
- Shane Werlinger,



Perfectly Broken (release date: September 8, 2006)
Invisible Girl (2004)

The songs 'Invisible Girl' and 'Lucky' (2004) are played regularly on RadioCrystalBlue, internet radio ( Songs from Perfectly Broken will also be spun on RCB beginning September 3, 2006. 'Birthday' (2004) and 'Invisible Girl' have also been featured on WDFH 90.3 Ossining.



It is oddly satisfying to gleefully tap your foot while listening to the songs of Alex Sweeton. Oddly satisfying because these are not happy songs. These are the stories you've lived, won't readily admit to and really, really hope no one ever finds out about. Reminiscent of Shawn Colvin, Liz Phair and the Pierces, Sweeton's music is at once vulnerable and ballsy, creating an easy, unusual blend of very dark lyrics with music that remains firmly grounded in the pop style.

Sweeton, who is based in New York, has spent the past ten years touring Europe and North America singing both her own material and others' modern and jazz music. An experienced performer, she commands the stage while always keeping an intimate connection with her audience.

Driving. Bitter. Longing. Beautiful. With her strong lyrics and soulful voice, Sweeton will break your heart and heal it... and leave you longing for more.