Alex The Red Parez

Alex The Red Parez

 Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Alex "the Red" Robert Parez is an acoustic performer who sounds like Nick Cave reinterpreting the early songbook of Bill Callahan (Smog).


Alex The Red Parez is a local artist and has been performing in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland since 2006. He plays originals and numerous covers by such artists as Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Nick Cave and several other local artists in the Washington DC Metro area. Alex plays acoustic guitar and sings.

Alex The Red Parez, aka El Rojo, is a solo-acoustic, singer-songwriter. His debut album, All The Time That Has Gone (available on iTunes), has a wide range of themes, from darkly poetic ballads to considerably lighter musings. The more serious compositions are filled with vivid lyrical images, as well as some very apt metaphors while the less serious compositions provide an interesting and eclectic mix of tunes. Alex The Red Parez executes very impressive songwriting, especially considering that some of the tunes (“Raining Down”, “January Silver” and “The Dopefiend”) were actually penned during the artist's formative teenage years. El Rojo's rich vocals and deft guitar work have combined forces, resulting in a truly excellent debut solo album. Both are nicely balanced, and even further highlighted by the crisp & clean sound of this fine studio-quality recording. All in all, All The time That Has Gone is an exceptional piece of work and a really great debut, solo-acoustic album! El Rojo’s voice has been noted as being “reminiscent of Johnny Cash, though often sung with Jello Biafra’s inflection” and he “sounds like Nick Cave reinterpreting the early songbook of Bill Callahan (Smog)”.



Written By: Alex Parez


Rollin’ through the rapids boomin’,
You will find there,
Cool blue waves

And in the dark desert,
You will know its sweet air,
That moves over you

And I’ll be there flowin’ inside of you,
Warmly passin’ through your arms and legs,
Deep within

Water is windin’ round all the river’s bends,
Its sound can be heard among wind and earth,
Moving through you

Calm flowin’ slow,
Slidin’ heavenly upon you

I can still feel you with me,
But now that you’re gone,
The desolation has its hold on me

So I’ll be here,
Alone and tired from fear,
But tranquil and sleeping easily with the stream

Powerful, strong as the deep flowin’ river,
It’s been so long that I’ve burned and lost,
All memory of anything

Seeking the truth,
Flowin’ thru

Raining Down

Written By: Alex Parez


Winds’ whispers dampened
While clouds clutter rabid
Its waters’ initiative
To drain all weak vermin

Drizzle to downpour
His mouth curdles so sore
Anxious to begin
Its sequence to doom him

Trigger low rumble
To perplex and crumble
The gods watch him mumble
They foresee swift tumble

He sways with what’s innate
A dry dusty slow fate
The rain melts as acid
Leaves scars burnt in sacred

Ashes of burdens
Rest heavy with sternness
Stripped of his weakness
He walks with bold firmness

The past cries so solemn
Its ridges cut in him
Wet wrinkles bore fire
His passionate desire

Memories now buried
He fights not to tarry
Endured will to withstand
He stares at his severed hands

Wails call for water
His vengeance weak power
An unsteady stillness
As he bleeds dead in silence


Written By: Alex Parez


Hold them in your hands, trembling, excited
With passion flooding out on the streets
While gazing at the skies, blue and streaked white
Along the stretched horizon everlasting

Eyes stare, marveled by such exquisite sights
A valley shaved by river’s grace
Thoughts long for peace and fulfillment not reached
Your vision blurs, washed with azure

Storms rage on, still you are struggling
In fear and pain
But now, at last, you have found out
What has been missing

The precious moments have gone
Yet, soon they shall return anon
Feeling the wind rushing on
With heart beating just like a gong

Caressing crevices time and time again
While sounds so heavenly echo around
In warm cavern moist with tears of joy
And tasting young, delightful breath blown by you

Look at the hot stars above
Tough the smooth curves that want love
Smell pleasing air through the bluff
Wrapped around time and space
Of canyons that run deep through the land

All The Time That Has Gone

Written By: Alex Parez


Running on down,
He feels so worn out and sound,
Cuts through the dark, grey air loud,
Running round town
Deep inside she’s moving through you,
But you’ll never know

All the time that has gone,
Now rests with you,
Among your thoughts at dawn,
It’s done and through

Forward your heart beats on,
Deep pounding pain,
Moving ahead for love,
Lost, wondering why

Hiding just to escape,
Being found alone,
In the darkness at late,
Hours winding down, now

Crawling ‘long the hard ground,
Forever longing to find,
Your true self within
Don’t you know,
I’ve been right here,
With you always

January Silver

Written By: Alex The Red Parez aka El Rojo

Pleasure falls in hordes
Of jagged water
Glistening in ice
Fallin’ from skies

Of deep black night
Comes ridged white
Contorted sides
An’ turnin’ walls

In crystal halls
Run sparkles gleam
Through snow drift’s seam
An’ sends a beam

Onto iced stream
Across frozen deep seas
Of storms
Silver with cold

Now freezing sweet dew
That rests on the land
Starched brown from winter’s
Great gusts of the season grasping its time

Of deep chilling clime
My love’s skin is blue
She dies in hot pool
But came the night

Of freezing white
Reborn to frost
An’ there she’ll cross
For gods of snow

To take her soul
Into night’s skies
Of freezing white

Glidin’ down from black welkin
Of humble bounds
Now taken above
My thin forest’s glove

White wrappings cover
The deep silver limbs
An’ mists on the ice
That twists down green pines

My shelter nigh
What shall be thine
A placid shrine
Of icy bind

She roams through time
An’ crawls the twine
Of flaming swine
To reach cold night

Her eyes have failed
Her skin is old
Her days have grown
We aged alone

Through wintry bones
In lands of snow
Sit still unknown
In worlds below

My wrinkles show
Against pale light
Reflecting off
The silver snow

Her smile gleams ice
Our bodies still
In winter’s chill
Our clasp would never thrill


All The Time That Has Gone

Set List

Depends on the venue/situation. Can play a 45 minute set of originals or a three to four sets of covers.
Cover songs include selections from the following various artists: Johnny Cash (116 songs), Bruce Springsteen (20+ songs), John Bustine (20+ songs), Brandon Butler (10+ songs), Tom Petty (5+ songs), Nick Cave (5+ songs), Bonnie Prince Billie, Woody Guthrie, John Prine, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, Gillian Welch, Neil Young, Survivor, Leonard Cohen, Traveling Wilburys, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Journey, The Dead Milkmen, Misfits, Samhain and The White Stripes!