Alex Toth and The Lazybirds

Alex Toth and The Lazybirds


The Lazybirds’ sound lies in a century’s worth of jazz tradition, reworking old singalong standards, hardbop era firebombs, and rock-fusion flights. Their songs are filled with the imagination of young freaks ready to hit the streets, pay rent off of nights spent in basement jimmy-jam-jazz-jungles.


The cats in this group have been on the streets in the clubs, restaurants, coffeehouses, theatres, churches, and major venues for over four years rooting themselves in jazz and everything around it. Members of this band are rooted in down home funk, reggae, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, rock, and straight-ahead jazz. The leader of this group, Alex Toth, has been leaving serious and long-lasting tracks on the great town of Burlington, VT, playing at almost all of the 20 or so venues around with many groups. This kid's got what it takes.

"If you haven’t caught him yet, do it—so you can say you heard him back in the day.” –Casey Rea, 7Days

"I liked what you did… it showed a lot of humor. I just enjoyed your playing in general… your approach… You sound good, man...I can tell you put in a lot of time.” –Wynton Marsalis to Toth after hearing his playing

The Players:
Alex Toth (22)— trumpet and flugelhorn — has been playing since the age of 10. During high school he attended the New Jersey Performing Art’s Center Jazz for Teens program and worked with tenor sax great, Don Braden, drummer Ralph Peterson, and others. Since his 2nd year at UVM he has been highly active in and around Burlington and UVM. As part of the UVM Big Band for 4 years he has worked with Paquito D’Rivera, Arturo O’Farrill, Rufus Reid, Wynton Marsalis (see photo below) and many more. Toth has been in the trumpet section for Burington’s Discover Jazz Fest Big Band for the past two years, in 2004 playing the music of Frank Zappa with Ed Palermo, Napoleon Murphy Brock, and Ike Willis. In the 2005 Discover big band he played the music of Miles’ and Gil Evans’, Sketches of Spain, with Randy Brecker and conducted by the world’s leading expert on Gil Evans music, Joe Muccioli. Also in 2005, Alex toured around Vermont, hitting major venues and opera houses with the Spielpalast Cabaret. The past two years also found him in a unique jazz poetry collective with tenor sax man Dr. Alexander Stewart and accomplished UVM English professors and writers Major Jackson and John Gennari. This project was funded by Burlington City Arts and appeared at the Firehouse gallery, Nectar’s and club Metronome. He currently plays in the sensational latin group, Guagua, and leads his own group, putting him in performance settings around 4 nights a week.

Peter Krag (20) — piano — studies jazz piano at the University of Vermont where he studies with mentors Dr. Alexander Stewart and Prof. Tom Cleary. With the artists that UVM attracts, Peter recently worked with pianist and composer John Stech and will soon be working with the jazz composer Maria Schneider. He is a part of the UVM Big Band and Latin Combo, as well as student formed bands: Soulvation Army and Alex Toth Lazy Bird Quintet. He involves himself with the Burlington scene by playing at various venues and playing with local Burlington musicians in a jazz quartet called the Red Thread. He is an accompanist for the Vermont Suzuki Violins and is a composer/arranger. Walden School and Walnut Hill is where Peter gained experience composing and working beside professional musicians. At Walnut Hill, Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonics, helped Peter gain a great deal of musicianship in classical music. Walden School, a school for composition, is where Peter wrote pieces for the Non Sequitur ensemble, and was awarded a commission to write for the Prism Sax Quartet which premiered his work in New York and Philadelphia. He has had the opportunity to work with composers such as Tom Lopez from the Oberlin Conservatory, James Mobberley, Pauline Oliveros, and vermont residing composers Dr. Thomas Read and Dennis Kitsz. Peter says he is fortunate to be at UVM and a part of the Burlington scene that supports his appetite for good music and friends.

Annakalmia "Kal" Traver (22) — alto sax, flute, and vocals — studies jazz voice and alto saxophone at the University of Vermont. She is an active member of the Burlington-based Afro-Caribbean Jazz group, Gua Gua, and has appeared in numerous local acts including the Soulvation Army, the Burlington Spielpalast Cabaret Band, Mountain Mojo Authority and various UVM combos. She recently traveled to New York City to perform with the UVM Big Band as lead singer. Her studies at UVM have lead her to meet and work with such jazz greats as Oliver Lake, Rufus Reed, Chico O'Farill, Paquito D'Rivera, Wayne Horvitz, John Stetch and members of the Either Orchestra. She also had the opportunity to study for a week with Jason Moran, DK Dyson and Ralph Alessi at the School for Improvisational Music in New York City. In the winters of '03 and'05 she traveled with her music classes to Cuba and the Dominican Republic to attend workshops in Afro-Caribbean music and to engage in cultural exchange with other musicians. Annakalmia is also a talented composer, poet, and multi-linguist.

Danny Ryan (19) — drums and percussion — has been drumming since the age of 5. Th


Sonnymoon For Two

Written By: Annakalmia Traver

its bright its night im here with you
sonnymoon for two
sonnymoon for two

i feel alright im here with you
sonnymoon for two
sonnymoon for two

just hold me tight im here with you
sonny moon for two
sonnymoon for two!


album on the way,
Alex Toth & The Lazybirds,
"Vermont Sky Session."

Set List

A typical set list would include jazz standards and vocal numbers, bebop, blues, ballads, latin, funk, and beautiful originals that are beyond description but mix fluidly with the rest.

All The Things You Are, You Don't Know What Love Is,
Body and Soul, So Tired, Lazy Bird, Lady Bird, Lady Day, Footprints, So What, Blue Bossa, Triste, Recordame, There is No Greater Love, Giant Steps, 26-2, Donna Lee (w/ lyrics), I Hear a Rhapsody, Little Sunflower, Canteloupe Island and many more. Originals by sax and vocalist Kalmia Traver, Mr. Samsa, This One, Crest of Kings, The Littlest Songs, and originals by Alex Toth, leader such as The Space Between and Bird song to name a few.

This group has got the chops and musicality to play just about any tune, if you contact ahead of time, requests can be taken.