Alex Walsh

Alex Walsh

 San Francisco, California, USA

"Roots Rock veering expertly between Replacements styled smart-guy rock and classic brit-inspired pop."--Performer Magazine


"Alex Walsh makes music the old-fashioned way -- warm and witty and straight from the heart."
--Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

Alex Walsh is intriguing rock, fleshy and nervy roots rock that defies replicas. His sound might be a little like Elvis Costello's, T. Rex's, and the Replacement's, but his own arrangements of hooky lyrics makes it lock, stock and barrel uninfringeable. A romantic rambler who relived his Paris musician songwriting experience in San Francisco, he's now fulltime at the Musicians Union Local 6, playing locally. His Bronx Summer of Love birth and move to San Francisco, consequent trailing after his dependably relocating father and experience in suburbs of New York and Mississippi, developed a seasoned playwright and songwriter. West Coast Performer Magazine raved, "Veering expertly between Westerberg styled smart-guy rock and classic Brit-inspired pop, this is the kind of disc that radio programmers should glom right onto. Each of these tracks is well produced and, thanks to a remarkable roster of musicians, rendered eminently listenable." He's not going to take you to yoga camp or church and his attitude, like a steel reinforced road weary loop track, explains why he's won Best Performance from the WCS and is one of the best songwriters to emerge out of the San Francisco songwriters scene of the 00's at Cafe Du Nord, Tongue & Groove, and Red Devil Lounge. His deliberate observant-to-a-fault posture and thump-back stack of tinted tracks about relationships as vivid illustrations of 'been there and loved it' on the most recent "Light Another Candle " are contagious.

- bio observations courtesy of Maria Halyna

"A very distinct sound. Some of it kind of George Harrison like I thought. Some totally original in that I have never heard anything quite like it..."
-- Country Joe McDonald

"Walsh is of a new breed of "bungalow rockers" that rain, rain, rain the day wide."
-- Carson Arnold (H)ear Music


Light Another Candle
Antique Dreams & Collectable Pleasures

Set List

Original Music
45-50 minute sets, 9-12 songs each, some songs are tight, some are jammed out.
Sometimes add one or two covers to a set (Beatles, Blues, American Songbook)