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Alex Weiss & Different Drum @ Fayetteville International Folk Festival

Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Alex Weiss & Different Drum @ Private engagement

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Alex Weiss & Different Drum @ Meadowmont Community Arts Festival

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Alex Weiss and Different Drum present their view of world music and jazz in a unique manner... On "May Dayze" the klezmer-like horns are supported by the congas truly mixes cultural boundaries. "The High Way West" gives off a Western-styled cowboy melody on a high-pitched harmonica yet once again the rhythms take you beyond the lonesome prairie of Hollywood movie scores. "

- Cameron Blades

- Global Rhythm Webzine, April 2007

On Alex Weiss's latest CD release "North of the Border" (July 2006, Silent Dayze Music, BMI): "North of the Border has an invitingly informal quality...The combination of brass, winds, guitar, and percussion creates a "large-small ensemble" feel to these compositions...the music also has an infectious warmth. - Cliff Bellamy/The Herald Sun/July 2006

Different Drum has become a regular in the town's (Carrboro, NC) "Entertainment Adventures" familiy series over the years. He's a favorite with us and the community. Alex is a multi-talented musician. He does a great family show! - The Chapel Hill Herald (May 2003)

Different Drum is a band of rhythm-jugglers...performers superimpose a jazzer's sense of high improv upon hot-footed funk imported from Pan-Africa, Brazil, and Caribbean islands. - Independent July 2000

...the myriad rhythms massage my senses. Imagine cracking the lid on an aromatic pot of homemade soup: The first sniff is a rush. I hungrily spoon up the stew of hot congas, bubbling bass and horns aplenty. Sonically speaking, dinner is served. - Joe Vanderford (June 2000)

Constructed like a long meandering suite, the 14 cuts that comprise Beautiful Melody (May 2004, Silent Dayze Music, BMI) are strangely unified. A soft bed of percussion cushions the presentation without dominating it. Though Weiss and his mates are capable improvisers, gratuitous soloing is taboo. Instead brass, woodwinds, and softly plucked strings rise up, establish a mood and fade away anonymously into the ether. - Joe Vanderford/Independent (May 2004)

Listening to Weiss' compositions as played by this excellent ensemble is much easier than attempting to describe them. At one point, the listener might equate the exotic rhythms and high tones of the horn with Shadowfax. On another composition, where saxophone and bass play smoothly side by side, the sound might resemble that of The Paul Winter Consort. Another may resemble the jazz work of Chuck Mangione...Different Drum is exactly that; this is not your run-of-the-mill jazz ensemble. There is something almost primitive in these works, calling forth that being inside us that wants to leap and dance...they add a magnetic, hypnotic siren song that invites the listener into the music. - Alan Hall/Chapel Hill News June 1995


Scales for Sale (1986)
Early Music (1991, remastered 2005)
Changes in a Dream (1991)
Nourishment (2000)
Beautiful Melody (2004)
North of the Border (2006)

All released on the Silent Dayze Music Label except Early Music



Alex Weiss' musical influences started at an early age in New York City, where he was born and raised. He was always attracted to the richness of ethnic diversity and this led him to travel through Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, and Central America. Alex's compositions and Different Drum's repertoire incorporate these influences: from classical suites to folk melodies, from African rhythms to blues and jazz. His musical inspirations include Carla Bley, Hugh Masekela, Mongo Santamaria, Frank Zappa, and Laura Nyro.