Alex Whitmore

Alex Whitmore

 Denton, Texas, USA

People from the northeast call it country, people from Texas think it's folk, people from Nashville won't even remove the shrink wrap. I call it music that makes you smile. It is just good songwriting. To view my calendar, please check my web site


Alex’s authorized autobiography:

OK, I admit it, I’m a late bloomer. The problem is that striving to be the world’s oldest teenager stunted my growth in other areas. It has taken years for my musical talent to develop into what it is today ……but what it is today is as good as many of those famous singer/songwriters you’ve heard of.

It wasn’t because I didn’t get started early enough. I started playing in a folk band in High School…even made the year book. Then the coffee houses and college shows began to make me think I could make a career as a singer and musician. I had half of it right. I was a pretty good musician. Friends and family convinced me that I might starve to death if I tried to make it on my singing skills. My other passion, flying took over and I fed myself and family well for 30 years with that. I didn’t even slow down with the music or the performing though.
The final pieces came together about 5 years ago when all those quiet prods from my wife/vocal coach and the songwriting skills finally started taking hold. I’m working on Cd number 6 now. I’ve also recorded and produced one for my daughter Bonnie Picking up Pieces that made the ballot for the 2005 Grammy Awards in eight categories. My humorous and serious songs about Texas are being played around the world on radio stations that are not bound to the Clear Channel. It is a good feeling to have others like your songs and buy your recordings. There are plenty more people out there and I just need a chance to perform for them. I think I’m qualified now and I’m definitely ready.

"…..while counting blessings we forget to count the ones that count"

"A Song for Harleigh," by Alex Whitmore


Daddy Let Me Drive

Written By: Alex Whitmore Dale Marsh

Daddy Let me Drive
©2005 two capos music
Words and Music by Alex Whitmore and Dale Marsh

Ch: Daddy let me drive, let me take the wheel
I can sit there on your lap and you can let me steer
You can work the peddles and I’ll have a better view
Daddy let me drive I want to drive like you

I’ll drive you to the liquor store where you can buy your beer
You don’t have to worry dad, you can drink it while I steer
I’ll drive you for your cigarettes down at the Get and Go
Then over to that lady’s house that momma doesn’t know


Br: I’ll drive you to the deer stand, we’ve been feeding them for months
There’s bound to be a bunch of them it’ll be and easy hunt
But if you miss your mark dad, we’ll still get one or two
Just watch me run ‘em down dad, I want to drive like you

2nd Br: We’ll pass cars on the shoulder, pass ‘em on the hill
Watch ‘em shootin’ the finger dad that’s always such a thrill
Weaving in and out of traffic keep your lead foot off those brakes
Just watch me get in front of them no matter what it takes
We’ll have the cops all chasing us before the day is through
Daddy let me drive, I want to drive like you

Well now I’m all grown up, my son is almost five
Gonna take him out this Sunday, and teach him how to drive
He can steer my truck, and I can work the clutch
I’ll teach him to say “up yours buddy” and spit and chew and cuss
We’ll have ourselves a big time, but he won’t have a clue
He’ll say daddy let me drive, I want to drive like you

Me and Max

Written By: Alex Whitmore

Me and Max
By Alex Whitmore
© 2004 two capos music

Me and Max by the railroad tracks we put a penny on the rail
Waitin for a freight train to come back and mash that penny all to hell
Mash that penny all to hell
Grandpaw said I could go to jail for defacing a coin
Max just laughed said “that’s a bunch of crap” he’s just trying to get you goin’
Man he’s got you goin’

Now two bored kids in a one horse town all summer with nothing to do
If momma hadn’t taken my BB gun we could find something to shoot
Yeah we’d find us something to shoot
Max caught a grasshopper ripped off his head put a flower in its place
We watched him hop around ‘til he was dead, momma said “you boys are so depraved”
Look momma, he’s got a dandelion for a face

Well doodle bug doodle bug where did you go?
Kickin’ up sand from the bottom of your hole
‘Get me a stick gonna give you a rout
But you just hide and you don’t come out
You just hide

Ready or not here I come, one for all and all for one

Now cards and clothes pins they make that noise in the spokes like a Harley Davidson
I tell max when we grow up I’m gonna get me one
Now most of my friends have already bought and sold one

The Breast Man

Written By: Alex Whitmore

The Breastman
©2005 two capos music

Well, I was once a Zygote, but then I grew some feet
I stomped around inside my mom, till my body was complete
On the happy day that I was born, my lips placed on her breast
I thought I was in heaven, I’ve been a breast man ever since

CH I’m a breast man, I like um big and small
Oh I’m a breast man I think I love um all
And I can tell you every freckle on her bosom in her bra
But the color of her eyes I don’t think I can recall

So I grew up and I went to school, but the women looked like girls
They had no chest and at best their breasts were the size of pearls
So I just looked at pictures in Playboy with much zeal
Till my dad took me to HOOters and I saw them things for real

Ch I’m a breast man ok I admit it
I’m a breast man and I like more than a tidbit
They say more than a mouthful is just a freekin waste
But I say I’m not bashful I like big ones in my face

Now one thing that puzzles me is the way those women dress
You’d think they’d want to cover up an anatomy so blessed
But they want you to notice them ‘cause they put them on display
But if you start to stare at them they’ll slap you in your face

Ch I’m a breast man just like Adam saw Eve
Oh I’m a breast man and I like my face in cleavage
Some guys are bottom feeders, but I think they might be torn
I wonder where their lips were placed the day that they were born

Ch I’m a breast man and I ain’t talking turkey
I’m a breast man and I like um firm and perky
And I can tell you every freckle on her bosom in her bra
But the color of her eyes I don’t think I can recall

Time Capsule

Written By: Alex Whitmore

Time Capsule
Words and Music by Alex Whitmore ©2001 WMP

My mind is in a time capsule that’s backing ‘cross the universe of
All my broken promises and all the lies and all the curse of
All the joy and all the pain and all the sunshine all the change
That took my life through highs and lows I gazed right through those clear windows
Of opportunity
I mistook for obstacles

Looking back behind me as I strain to see my future
Nothing seems to be that clear and just a moment ago it was nearly happening
Nearly happening

Now I am accelerating memories of that future fading
Up ahead I see the spot where we first met and loved a lot
And clinging to that better time the capsule slows and soon I am beside myself
With optimism

Standing there beside myself I’m thinking I can guide myself
Through all the pitfalls all the pain all the things that life has lain before me
But soon Im seeing words are wasted and I was close enough to taste it
But I can’t hear me talking
Talking to myself

My mind is in a time capsule that’s shooting ‘cross this universe of
All the broken promises and all the lies and all the curse of
All the joy and all the pain and all the sunshine all the change
That takes my life through highs and lows I’m gazing through these clear windows
Of opportunity
They still look like obstacles

Apache Wind

Written By: Alex Whitmore

Apache Wind
Words and Music by Alex Whitmore
©2001 twocapos music

Riding the trail with my old friend Jack
We made our camp about 2 miles back of
Horse Shoe Mesa on the Rio Grande
He told me all the storys about his grandpa and his land

With a cold wind blowing in the grey moonlight
He spoke of the wars between Apache and the White man
He kicked the coals of a dying fire
The wind would catch the sparks and take them higher than the stars

ch Apache wind you’re blowing cold tonight
Apache wind vengence might be your right
But I don’t think you’ll ever be my friend
You cold Apache wind

Jack’s grandpa was a fighter, from a slowly dying breed
He fought hard to protect his land one night he did succeed
He was ambushed by a scouting party just around this bend
But a dust storm helped him slip away thanks to the Apache wind


My brother he’s a rancher, my daddy’s passed away,
My uncle fought to keep this ranch and put the winds at bay
Jack’s grandpa was Apache...cursed my family to the end
And now me Jack we’ve got to sleep tonight, with this cold Apache wind



Not at Home on the Range 1997
My View 2000
Tale by the World 2002
The Bar Farcist 2003
Eclectex 2005
The Bar Farcist II 2006

Set List

I have enough of my own material to do three 45min sets with strong material. I usually sprinkle in some of my favorite covers if the venue calls for them to give 4 power sets...Eagles, country, oldies.