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Alex Woodard

San Diego, California, United States | INDIE

San Diego, California, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Country


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“2007 Singer-Songwriter of the Year” – L.A. Music Awards

“Best of the Year... Up With The Sun is his finest effort yet, with moments of breathtaking brilliance. Woodard's strengths don't just lie in the quality of his songwriting, the depth of his voice or his flawless production; the sheer simplicity of his music and approach to the industry are also to be admired... there are a lot of outstanding singer-songwriters around right now - and Woodard is the pick of the bunch." 4.5 out of 5 stars

"The critical difference between Woodard and the rest of the pack is that he has experience under his belt, and it comes through loud and clear in his music. For Woodard life isn’t just waves, mellowness and hanging, it’s real and gritty, honest and passionate. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have tunes you can hum and choruses you can sing, and Up With The Sun has both in abundance. Every song on the album feels like an old friend from first play, not because of obvious influences, but because the tune worms its way under your skin from the first note, and the words make you nod with that “Yep, I was there” recognition. A fine collection, destined to give repeat buttons on CD players a lot of work." -Americana UK

"Great vocals and a penchant for catchy rock in the style of the Wallflowers mark Woodard's work. This is very well-executed material, and the excellent mix shows off attractive vocal harmonies and ear-catching guitar lines." - Rolling

"Woodard was a hit during appearances at the industry's prestigious SXSW showcase, and as Mile High powerfully affirms, vocal comparisons to heavyweights like Petty and Springsteen are not without solid foundation. The highlight of Mile High is undoubtedly the title track, which is one of the most beautiful, uplifting pop songs of the year. " -Ink19

"The dude is flat-out awesome. While not his first CD, Mile High is starting to garner this multi-talented artist some much-deserved attention. He finds himself drawing comparisons to some truly legendary names (Springsteen and Petty among them), and at first listen, it's easy to hear why.” 93.1FM The Buzz

"His voice is the embodiment of emotion… it's like your best friend is singing to you, but with a depth of love and longing that you never knew he possessed. This is the record you could buy any one of your friends, regardless of their musical tastes, and know that they will be thanking you for a long time." -Hilary, drivetime DJ for San Diego's 91X

“Just about every song on Mile High is hooky as hell and features Woodard’s rich, middle-of-America voice that is already drawing comparison to Springsteen and Dylan. For my money, you can throw in Tom Petty and Paul Westerberg. Yes, Woodard is THAT good. The album’s best song, “Voice on the Wire,” is riveting, and perfect for a movie trailer. –Bullseye

"SXSW PICK Woodard is our pick for SXSW and is in the mold of Dave Matthews and David Gray, already generating radio play nationwide." - Austin Chronicle, SXSW PICK

"The songs are as thoughtful and full of grace as can be imagined. I'm still at a loss to figure out how it is Woodard is still releasing these songs on his own." - A&A
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Nowhere Near Here (2001)- #78 commercial AAA charts
Saturn Returns (2002)- 90+ commercial and college adds
Mile High (2004)- produced by Pete Droge
Up With The Sun (2006) - earned singer-songwriter of the year from the l.a. music awards
Alex Woodard (2008) - One of the singles, Reno, was the #1 video on CMT Pure for 5 weeks in the fall of 2009



How did a surfer from San Diego write a record that sounds like it came from the middle of America, crossing county lines between country music, rock, and Americana? Hard to say, but it could have something to do with his dad’s record collection and his own love of storytelling. In his words, “Stories don’t care where you’re from.”

Alex Woodard grew up surfing in Southern California with an after-school childhood acting gig. He appeared in shows like The Love Boat and Battlestar Galactica, as well as commercials for Coca Cola, McDonalds, Skippy Peanut Butter and countless others. But he lost his big shot at a feature film role to an unknown kid just starting out in the business, and the disappointment subsequently ended Alex’s acting career and pushed him to find other creative outlets. He discovered music by writing silly songs and performing in elementary school talent shows with his then-neighbor and current bass player, Patrick. “We used empty Sparkletts water bottles for drums, and I made a guitar out of a two by four with rubber band strings… I think my mom was hoping it was a phase,” Woodard remembers. He was introduced to his influences by his older sister, who inaugurated his education with an old cassette tape of Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s ‘Damn the Torpedos’, and Alex filled in the gaps from there with his dad’s collection of Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, and Bob Seger.

He taught himself to play piano and guitar through high school (and performed in the obligatory ill-fated garage bands), went to UCLA, got a degree in Business Economics, and worked a short stint in Boston for a mutual fundscompany after he graduated. He quickly found that the daily coat and tie was not for him, and soon landed in Seattle, working in aPioneer Square loft for a small internet software company. “I started as a temp and had no idea what the company did, let alone what the internet was,” Woodard says, “but it turned out I was working for the folks who created the compression technology for streaming media over the internet, RealNetworks. And alot of musicians worked there because the focus was on music and technology.” Alex befriended one of those fellow musician workers,put a band together through a newspaper ad (including current drummer Brian Young, from the Posies and Grammy-nominated Fountains of Wayne) and started playing shows around the vibrant Seattle scene.

After recording a couple of independent albums, Alex enlisted the Northwest’s legendary singer-songwriter Pete Droge to produce Mile High in 2004. The album was produced at Droge’s house, in between his tour stops with Matthew Sweet and Shawn Mullins as the Thorns. Picked up by the now-defunct 33rd Street Records and released to critical acclaim, Mile High highlighted Alex’s middle-of America vocal delivery and honest, story-driven songwriting, andput Woodard on several ‘best of’ lists. A move back to Southern California ensued (“I just missed surfing”), where he met utility player Ike Marr and got back on the road. He produced last year’s Up With The Sunhimself, featuring Marr’s mandolin and string arrangements. The record earned him a Singer/Songwriter of the Year nod at the LA Music Awardsand inspired him to continue evolving his sound towards country and Americana music. He credits the struggle of recording and releasing records on his own for helping him grow as a songwriter. “I had to develop myself as a writer, because no one else was going to do it for me… long gone were the days when you got a deal and could hit your stride by the third record,” Alex explains, “so I tried to learn from my heroes and focused on getting better.”

Woodard will release his new self-titled album in August of 2008 on Woodshack/Adrenaline/Warner Music Group. In writing the record, Alex says he focused on a central message that everyone celebrates and struggles with, regardless of age: getting older. “No matter what road you travel, you’re getting older,” Woodard says, “and there’s no way around it. You may be 10 years old, wishing you were 16, or you could be 45 wishing the same thing. I really tried to look at the love, loss, hope, and struggles we all face as the seasons start running together, and it seemed to me to be about how hard it is to live in the moment when the moments are passing by so fast. Maybe getting older should be celebrated with wisdom and grace, not with an empty attempt to turn back the clock.” When asked about the single “Beautiful Now,” Alex responds, “Having kids is about getting older too, and that song revolves around the struggle I think a lot of women go through after they’ve had children… who am I now, what am I about, what happened? ‘Beautiful Now’ says embrace that moment you’re in, because you’re more beautiful now that you’re a mother. And since I don’t have kids, I just imagined what I’d say someday to the woman in my life.”

The record was mixed by Grammy-winning mixe