Alexzandra Owner

Alexzandra Owner


I am Alexzandra Owner. Singer Songwriter from NorCal. Big voice. Love music. Berkee college of Music Grad. I write from what I know, Keeps things honest. Along the lines of Adele. I strive to sound the best and be the best I can possibly be.


I was born on Christmas 1990 in California to a pretty musical family. On both my mother side and fathers side music was a big influence. As a child all music was accepted and listened to in my home. Coming from a Assyrian background, I learned to appreciate and listen to world music. I would listen to music in different languages, different time signatures different modes but I never thought that to be strange. It was strange to me that other kids my age weren't listening to all types of music like I was.

I began performing at the age of 8. I had always loved singing but was far too shy to do anything about it. It wasn't until my mom heard about a local voice teacher through a mutual friend. I signed up to sing with Cat Austin and from then on I really discovered my love for performing. I began performing regularly. Singing in local coffee shops, talent shows, town festivals, on tv, competitions, musicals, even with the Beach Boys. I loved the rush it gives me. I loved being different. And different I was.

As a 8 year old I had a unusually mature voice with a big range. I liked to put my own twist on things. Those twists were what got me attention in the following years. For an 8 year old, I had one old soul. People would always say to me "You have something different" They would always proclaim the emotion transcended through the song. And while most people were being taught how to transcend emotion...I never needed to be taught. I sing how I feel and sometimes that means notes will not be perfect. I think that is what I love about some of my favorite performers. They sing with so much feeling...real feeling. So real in fact, you can tell the days they AREN'T singing with feeling.

I am an extremely humble person...and to be honest that is what killed me a little bit at Berklee College of Music. Don't get me wrong, I love just about EVERY minute of my time at Berklee, but it was a hard to adjust coming from a small humble beginning to this cut throat industry. I remember people Riffing til they turned blue in the cafeteria...that wasn't me. I prefered to be respected and admired in a different way.

I rarely talk about my voice and what I have done, because I feel people shouldn't only judge you on that. However I got to Berklee and it was different...It was a bit hard for me adjusting to life as this self proclaim musical God, because I never thought I was and I still don't. I just simply do what I do and love doing it.

I pride myself in my ability to overcome the challenges that face me.
I pride myself in my ability to be myself.
I pride myself in my ability to write what I believe, to be honest and true with hopes that someone may come across it and like or love it, or even hate...but its that REAL emotional attachment I am looking to extract. And hopefully, I can do that.


The EP-my first EP, released in October 2012