Alfa is Zak Aldridge from Los Angeles. Part of the fast spreading dreamwave scene, Alfa's music is a remarkable blend of dreamy melodies and pop songwriting that take listeners back to simpler times.


Alfa is Zak Aldridge straight from Downtown Los Angeles. Raised in the electro womb of the city, Alfa is the midpoint between the heavy electro and dreamwave sounds of Binary. As a member of Binary, he has developed his sound and is working towards a debut EP release with Binary. He recently debuted a brand new live set, with live synths and mixing to a big crowd in LA while opening for the Bag Raiders.

Alfa's legend began while winning the now famous remix contest that the Cryptonites did for their big single "Cant Give You Up", that brought in hundreds of entries. It landed him high profile remixes for Jupiter andKeenhouse among others. Alfa released his debut single "LA Passion" with System Recordings out of New York. He also had 2 songs featured on Binary Records compilation, Binary Presents: LA Lights.


2009 - LA Passion EP (System Recordings)

2009 - Binary Presents: LA Lights (2 songs) (Binary Records)

Set List

30-60 minutes, all original productions.