Alfreda Akognon Family & Friends

Alfreda Akognon Family & Friends


Alfreda's deep piercing voice combined with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will not leave you the same. It is our prayer that God will bring hope, comfort, healing, encouragement, or whatever may be needed, to every individual who listens to these songs.


All songs are originals, with words and music written by Alfreda Akognon. She is a pastor’s daughter who literally grew up singing in the church where she has been writing and singing Holy Spirit inspired songs since she was 12. Her lyrics and music delivered by her heart-piercing voice bless all those who hear, believers and unbelievers. As she ministered to the local churches over the years with song, the Lord continued to confirm her calling of writing, arranging, and singing His music.

The "Family and Friends" have an extensive history of praising God together through song in one form or another. As teenagers, Alfreda, her siblings and friends, sang in a group called "The Reflections of Love." They traveled to sister churches and youth conventions blessing worship services with original and traditional praise songs.

The mission of the Family and Friends is to preach a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. It is to bring eternal hope to the hopeless.


In the Secret Place

Written By: Alfreda Akognon

In the Secret Place
Copyright TWO Records

In the secret place of the Most High God is where I wanna be
In the secret place His most holy face is what I long to see
I wanna bask in His glory, and feel the touch of His warm embrace
In the secret place of the Most High God
I will find Him

There is joy in the secret place
There is hope in the secret place
There is peace in the secret place
There is strength in the secret place
There is love in the secret place
There is rest in the secret place
In the secret place of the Most High God
You’ll find Him

Psalm 91

A God Like This

Written By: Alfreda Akognon

A God Like This
Copyright TWO Records

He brought the children of Israel out
Brought ‘em with a mighty hand
He opened up the waters of the sea
And they crossed over on dry land
By night He led them with a pillar of fire
And by day a pillar of cloud
He gave ‘em bread from heaven above
And clothes that never wore out
Who wouldn’t serve a God...? (Chorus)

The people argued with Moses
They said, “Get us some water to drink
Why’d you bring us to the desert to die?
We could’ve died back in Egypt”
Moses said, “Lord help me, these people
want to stone me” but God said,
“Hit the rock with the staff in your hand
And water will pour forth for thee”
Who wouldn’t serve a God...?(Chorus)

Korah opposed Moses and Aaron
“Now you’ve gone too far”
He said, “The whole community is chosen and holy
Who do you think you are?”
Moses fell face down,
“In the morning you will see who
God has chosen over Israel
Your fight’s with Him not me
If these men die a natural death
Then I have not been sent
But if God brings about something new
You’ll know they treated Him with contempt”
At his word the ground split apart
Swallowed them families and all
Then fire came down from the Lord above
And consumed the other men involved
Who wouldn’t serve a God...? (Chorus &Bridge)

We think we’re different
Than the Children of Israel
Stiff-necked, hard headed
We know them all too well
God’s been so gracious
In holding back His hand
But judgment flows from rebellion
God’s Word will always stand (adlib)

Who wouldn’t wanna serve a God like this? A God like this!

Jehovah Jireh, God who provides
Jehovah Rofi, the God who healeth thee
Holy, Mighty, and Just is His name
Throughout the ages
He’s always stayed the same

Exodus 13, 14, 17 & Numbers 16

Mine All Mine

Written By: Alfreda Akognon

Mine All Mine
Copyright TWO Records

When I am weak to Him I go
He is my friend and I love Him so
When others leave me all alone
He steps right in and the Man takes control (Chorus)

He’s all in all the world to me
I’ll love Him until His sweet face I’ll see
When satan tries to turn me around
I’ll stand with Jesus for I’m heaven bound (Chorus)

Don’t you remember in the bible days?
Peter walked on the water in my sweet Jesus’ name
But he lost his faith and slowly he sank
He cried, “Save me” and Jesus stretched him His hand (Chorus)

Don’t you love Him? The Man is real
He’s never failed no and He never will
When things are gloomy and there’s no light ahead
Don’t doubt His goodness He’ll do just what He said (Chorus)

Mine all mine
He’s mine all mine
Mine all mine
He’s mine all mine

Philippians 4:13
Mathew 14:25-36


In the Secret Place - NEW 2005!
Your Heart's Condition

Set List

open with worship songs
4-6 original songs selected from both LPs