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"Blueberry festival 2004"

Michael Pelham Staff Writer

Many different beats melodies resounded across the town beach and pelican lake during the sioux mountain music feastival jul. 31 and aug. 1. The festival started Saturday at Cedar Bay with activities such as crafts and art work shops. On the second day the stage was set for 12 hours of music from noon till midnight. One act was out of the cold transition coordinator Alfred Mcleod, who played songs that will appear on his CD set to be released Aug 19.

He said his songs address stereotyping of homelessness and other areas that Mcleod said need attention that helps organize programs at the out of the cold shelter, people in transition, and views his music as a way of reaching out to the public and brings awareness to the mainstream. "all proceeds go to the shelter to keep the doors open, "Mcleod said, "The songs cover alot areas that need attention, such as addressing stereo types." Performing at the music festival with Mcleod was drummer Neil Michelin, also involved at out of the cold, along with british Columbia teacher Will Schlackl and bassist Tommy Kuzemezak, guitarist Schlackl was visiting family, and said the group only rehearsed a couple of times before the performance.................

- Sioux Lookout Bulletin - Wednesday, August, 11, 2004 - page 9

" Alfred Mcleod Overviewed 18 Songs from the Album Everything at 102.9 Cool FM"

"Hi everyone!. I Over-viewed 18 Songs from the Album Everything at 102.9 Cool FM - an array of 18 song..s." "live------rotation ran for a duration of four hours of Air time!. Everything was over-viewed, including my single status!. I felt that needed some clarification, there were many thoughts about my status coming from the public!. And yes!. I am single." "Dabbing into-------talking with some woman that have keen interest..s in dating!." "I also acknowledged that online."

"I also over-viewed Websites like, facebook, myspace, rhapsody, i tunes, amazon, emusic, shockhound, Lala, ect, letting everyone know where to go, to buy the songs-------All songs are on the new Album Everything!."

"I also teased my Cuzin Herb! online, (Live on Air) ya dog!. Whoff, Whoff!. Brother, bro,..s got it going on with his family and all that-----driving down the peg..s regent!. A time out with the Kids-------his wife and his girlfriend!. (I..m just joking) However, were over-viewed, and links were at facebook, showing Dannie Debe..s photo (Link) at myspace!."

"The 18 song Album was set at a price of $20.00 dollars. A good price-------since the Album is a good net-worth of $25.00 dollars at the least!." "The Album will be available to the locals all week!." "Everyone out there, it..s all online at rhapsody, i tunes, emusic, amazon, buy your copies."

"The States went-up at Last FM, there is now over 300 listeners, aside from 250, then dropping to 100, and tonight there are over 300!." "Thank you, you guy..s rock." "Those numbers will climb with more visibility."
- Mcleods Productions

"Now showing!.- She Moves Close To Me - Mp3 Cover Model- Featuring Model Dannie Debe!."

February, 26, 2009 - a day of senseless mouth dropping amazement, why such word`s that promises the theory of beauty and critical consequences!. Hereafter, `nothing lacks to set aside a gleam moment of relief until you set your eye`s, on such a hot number!. What is this you ask!. It`s the Mp3 Cover Model Dannie Debe`s presentation for the Project, She moves Close To Me!.

The Cover is now available for viewing at songcast!. The Picture was taken by Mike Jersy, other wise known as Jersey Mike!. The Song and Title, She Moves Close To Me was passed over for a Critique by Mike Pinder, Mike Pinder has said the song;

"Has unique and creative elements, lyrical content is brief, but paints an interesting story". "The song has a great hook at the end of the song" - "She Moves close to me," ..Nice Job!."

(Note: This would be a great track for a movie.)

Furthering overtones Your My Girl (The Song) inspired by Dannie Debe, is set to show at i tunes within the following month!. - Blog!.

"Wildy`s World Reviews"

Alfred McLeod - Native Gravy Juice

Beck, Fatboy Slim, Fred Schneider and Marilyn Manson form their own version of Fight Club and duke it out with instruments. McLeod's fuzzy melody and chaotic arrangement comprise a dance tune that makes Mad Max look gentrified. Get your rave on. 2.5 Stars Out of 5

Alfred McLeod - Sensational Love

More musical insanity from McLeod with a bit of an industrial touch. Not highly commercial; probably a niche taste. 2 Stars Out of 5 - Wildy`s World Reviews

"Honorable mention from Billboard ~ Another Album Added as Top Pop Album"

Honorable mention from Billboard

Alfred McLeod Received an honorable mention in recognition of having the song "McLeod Meets His GirlFriend Shahay" which is among, the top 1500 of the 16th annual Billboard World song contest., as further mentioning., only the highest quality songs make it to the top. This demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a "Hit song."

Billboard receives thousands of entries -------to be included in the Top 1500 - in connection to other related releases. Mike Pinder had given a critic....., giving the song Hi Appraisal for the work. The song since has been re-written and now called She Moves Close To Me., `the Album also features (Model) Dannie Debe., Toronto`s 3rd Hottest Girl!.,....(Mp3 Cover)

Alfred McLeod’s Song Serpent`s Tooth has a two week position in the Top Ten at Napster., and is named Top pop Artist.... at Napsters Pop Genre.,----the Album Reincarnation - Serpents Tooth are now Top Albums in the Pop Genre at Napster.........

July-21-09 - Alfred McLeod Ranks 70 on the Top National Pop Artists List at Reverbnation. And Holds the #1 spot for a Local Rank also at Reverbnation.,..............

Billboard World Song Contest - As Mentioned by Billboard., Listed at Napster



Now at - rhapsody, napster, emusic, amazon, i tunes, yahoo music, Shockhound, Lala, IMVU, Amie Street, She Moves Close To Me Album - Coming soon to Lime Wire Store...


Native Gravy Juice

Brown Pin

Evil In The Body

Serpent`s Tooth

Sensational Love

Sharacade (Remix)

Evil In The Body (Remix)

She Moves Close To Me

First Man

Hairy Nipples
Single release (Single)

New Music Releases are now available on demand at Last FM!.



Alfred McLeod - Album - Titles - reincarnation (Album) Brown Pin (Single) Evil In The Body (Single) Serpents Tooth (Single) Sensational Love (Single) Native Gravy Juice (Single) She Moves Close To Me (Album) Evil In The Body (Single-Remix) Sharacade (Single-Remix) First Man (Single-Remix) Hairy Nipples (Single)

Mcleod has also acted in an independent film Tribe 40.,..A feature role.,..a trained security officer holding a graduate diploma in security and certified in First Aid CPR Level B