alfred shorter band

alfred shorter band

 Winfield, Illinois, USA

its grooving jazz with a twist of RB flavor to add some uptempo flair to a moving four on the floor beat.


miles davis,weather report,return to forever,etc. There is a void of music that feature real musicians that play and have meanful expression through there instruments, and we would like to put that back into or live performances. We come from a long running relationship of over 30 years of calabrating on and off,we decided that now would be a good time to come togather as a band and perform original songs as well as jazz standards we have come to appreciate over the years.


cd-just between friends. every track on the cd is in mp3 format and can be heard at cd under alfredshorterjr link to cd of the songs;just between friends which is the title of the cd has been release for air play.

Set List

20 songs 2hour 30 min break for covers we play any number of jazz standards from vintage miles davis to john coltrane.