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"Album Review: alGARhythm - "reinventing the orange" / Polyvibe Records "

alGARhythm: Reinventing the Orange (2007)

"Reinventing the Orange is electronic music by a single artist. Central Florida's Gar Bailey that synchronously champions primitivism and abstraction. Without lyrics to lead a listener down any specific emotional corridor or the deadening predictability of computer quantizing, this second alGARhythm release allows itself to be a seriously immersive and shaggy audition along the lines of Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domine" or the first two Orb full-lengths. The German motorik notion of linear, destination-bound travel is in play here, augmented by pit stops full of swirling, stereo-panned clouds. This is mischievous and narcotic night-driving music. As the disc moves forward, a virtual all-frequency antenna grabs a dense canopy of broadcast detritus to distract from the cannon blasts of timbre and bleeps/bloops of leaden sci-fi rhythms."

By: Matt Gorney

Article's original link: - Matt Gorney / Orlando Weekly

""alGARhythm's Aesthetic" by: Ian Monroe"

"Multi-talented auteur GAR "alGARhythm" BAILEY is really interested in accidental creativity - besides his music, he also produces a great deal of visual art, and he's clearly quite influenced by the traditions of collage and improvisation in both mediums. He seeds his musical compositions with the ethereal electromagnetic signals he plucks from his environment at the moment of their births, producing one-of-a-kind, unique pieces that blend the accidental and deliberate, musically, memetically, and multi-dimensionally. Like the bastard offspring of John Dillinger and Jaques Derrida, he shoots from the hip, deconstructing aural conventions and your preconceptions about art, SIMULTANEOUSLY. But don't think that means his compositions are academic or unlistenable- quite the opposite. He makes music to be heard with metaphorical tongue burrowed deep in metaphorical cheek."

By: Ian Monroe (Jan 2007)
- Ian Monroe / the orlando weekly

"Performance Commentary"

"On August 7, 2007.. One-man act alGARhythm, on local imprint Polyvibe Records, delivered a decent performance at Back Booth. From behind a small arsenal of electronics, his button-pushing and knob-twisting produced limber compositions moved by the fluid, bass-thick rhythms that Yip-Yip, sadly, seems to have moved away from. Not that he's got much competition, but he's one of the more entertaining solo electronic acts in town."

-Bao Le-Huu; this little underground - Bao Le-Huu / "this little underground"


+ alGARhythm - The South Pole On Fire (Polyvibe/Hairy Sloth 2003)
+ alGARhythm - Reinventing The Orange ( Polyvibe 2006)
+ alGARhythm - Additional Oranges EP (Hairy Sloth 2008)

+ alGARhythm also appeared on the EZRPM Florida Music Festival Cd Sampler in 2004

Past & Present collaborative projects include: Zoltan Dobi, Engine Heart, Drone alGARator, & Monkeypussy



alGARhythm is the moniker of a strange and multifaceted individualist from the Southeastern US. Matthew “Gar” Bailey, aka alGARhythm, was born Nov, 16 1975 in Orlando, FL. A self proclaimed, “Neo-Dada Maximalist” and “Shamanic Fig as an Embodiment of Sound”. alGARhythm works in an area of live analog electronics, sound collage/manipulation, and effectual processing that borders on performance art as near as it borders on experimental IDM or leftfield electronics.

alGARhythm prefers to “w3rk” with midi-synced hardware, real time sound manipulation, and limited sequencing. Gar expresses overbearing social ironies and underlying beauty though the juxtaposition of sound and the contrast of auditory concepts. By building untold layers of organized sounds with the synchronization of midi, looped beats, melodies, vocals, and glitches. Gar finds samples and sounds everywhere and almost anything. A vast amount of sonic selections come from the audio detritus of a modern society. Such as: TV’s, CB’s, records, tapes, radio frequencies, nature, people.

alGARhythm exhibits a genuine interest in the human experience, and how to reflect that with his music and collage. Suitable descriptions of his unique Sound might range from: -"Art Brut Beat Collage" to "Neo-DaDa MuzaK" to "Post Punk Electronic" to "Organic Maximalist Drum Machine Art" to "A Knob Box Cornucopia of Continuous Fluctuation & Exploration".

alGARhythm’s original lo-fi, bedroom IDM album: - “the South Pole on Fire” was self released online in late 2003, and by 2005-06, alGARhythm had delved headlong into recording his own new “experiments” in sound and was picking up interest from an independent Orlando, FL upstart called, Polyvibe Records. Many of his 2006 recordings would become the basis of his 2nd solo album on Polyvibe .
In January of 2007, alGARhythm released the album: “Reinventing the Orange” to a mostly positive listener and critical response. 2007 and most 2008 were spent promoting the album and playing shows in support of it. Mr. Bailey also started a promotional group called, “Avant GARism”. For putting on shows in the Central FL area, and to give other up and coming underground musicians opportunities on the stage as well.

In August 0f 2008. alGARhythm BaiLey started his own independent net label called: Hairy Sloth Records. Which offers listeners digital versions of it’s music for free. He is currently writing and recording his 3rd solo album to be released in the Summer of 2009 on HSR. He’s also rehearsing a new stage presentation and performance which will involve many of the visual and auditory elements which has helped make Gar Bailey aka alGARhythm such a well rounded artist/musician. A tour the Eastern US with A_Scissors is in the works for early 2010.