neopsychedelicpostrockjazz "...tautly composed lines and detailed, surprisingly delicate arrangements butt up against raucous free improvisation and splashy electronics."--Chicago Reader "Alt-rock genius...A pretty damn good rock show!"--Beep Magazine


Fostering an atmosphere that relies on composition and a large sonic palette, Algernon creates a fusion of indie rock, jazz, and classical chamber music. The effect is that of a distinctly modern band, providing musical clues to our modern landscape. In the process, Algernon engulfs the listener in an entirely different world of its own making. With combined experience in genres from jazz to hard rock, from punk to classical, the band is well equipped to deliver on the promise.

Listening to their 2004 debut album, Charlie Changed His Mind (which then 21 year old Dave Miller (Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls) conceived of in just one week), or one of the band's fiery live performances, one is run through the entire human experience: joy, sadness, passion, exhilaration. You won't walk away the same or be likely to forget what you've heard.

Fast Forward to 2007…with only two days in the studio, Algernon has now finished their new album, Familiar Espionage, direct to analog tape. This new set of music finds the band pushing the compositional aspect of their music to exhilarating new heights. Breathtaking melodies, jazz-tinged harmonies, and cacophonous noise-scapes make the new record a milestone in the career of this young group of musicians.

In short, the band can't be summed up neatly. Algernon simply rocks too hard to be considered jazz, and they play with too much finesse and sheer musical ability to be called just another rock band. Algernon doesn't simply wish to play songs: the band is here to turn your entire world upside down.


Charlie Changed His Mind (full length)--Ball of Knowledge Records, 2004

Familiar Espionage (full length)--ears&eyes Records, 2007

Set List

Deactivate the Motion Sensor
Beneath the Ailing Flesh
(Don't Press) the Red Button
Transmission Received
Mission Protocol
Fail Safe Stratagem I
Fail Safe Stratagem II
Ping Jupiter
Incident at Rendezvous
Decrypting the Code
Escape as the Crow Flies
Negotiations Have Failed
Broken Lady
Debrief and Defect
First Born
Operative vs Opposition
Objective Compromised
Bailout Point

Dear Prudence (Lennon/McCartney)
Here Come the Warm Jets (Brian Eno)

Sets usually range between 45 minutes and two hours.