Drawing inspiration from Dylan, Young, and the Stones all the way to Funkadelik, & MoTown, Algoma has developed a sound all their own. Powerful progressions combined with personal & poetic lyrics have carved out this band's unique identity to those who've heard their recordings or caught them live.


Algoma is an alternative rock (americana) band with deep roots in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan. The key word here is ‘alternative’, don't expect a night of voice cracking ‘tear in my beer on account of my cheating wife and girlfriend shot my dog’.
Used as a vessel for the songwriting talents of founders Justin Plichta, and Randy Wakeham, accompanied by Chris Pinnow on keys, Shawn Badanjik on drums, and Scott McIntosh on bass, algoma has flourished in the small musically supportive community they call home. Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and the likes of Jeff Tweedy weigh heavy in algoma’s writing style. There are also Funkadelik, Traffic, and AC/DC undertows that refuse to be suppressed.
Algoma is currently supporting their debut album "a day like this", self-produced and recorded at Ex-Urban Studios in Houghton, MI and engineered by professional musician and producer Bernie Larson of Spinout Records. Their sets consist of these songs, along with many other original tunes, as well as a few choice covers along the way. For four years algoma has been a frequent act in venues around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and they are itching to spread their wings.
There are many different meanings for the word algoma, most have some connection with the Great Lake Superior which surrounds their home. Its effect on each of them throughout the years has been inescapable and you can hear it in their music. They play rock’n’roll without violence, and country without country singing, they're algoma.


"Misery Sessions Vol. 5" - 2003 Spinout Records

"a day like this" - LP Released Nov. 7th 2003

"rAAAdio Now!" - Shuteye Records

Set List

algoma fills nights with up to three - 1 hour long sets. Below is a list of original tunes followed by a few covers we enjoy playing on occasion.

Algoma songs:
Barnaby 6 Drone
Waiting for you
Blood on the snowplow
The flowers I desire
This distance
It could be so easy
Woodstock’s dead
Malaika & Rae
Einstein’s romance
Better & better
Song for the birds
Angels in her engine
Katalin’s tune
Letter from the shadows
Your hometown
For your smile
Echo Down

Memphis train - Buddy Miles
Ride on - AC/DC
Baby, baby, sweet baby - Aretha Franklin
Maggot brain - Funkadelik
Get to that - Funkadelik
Let her blow - Johnny Cash
Sea of heartbreak - Johnny Cash
Roll another number - Neil Young
Love & only love - Neil Young
It’s alright - Curtis Mayfield
Ricky's theme - Beastie Boys
Who's been lovin' you? - Jackson 5