Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Algoma will light up your northern dance floors with animal spirits. She will strike straight into the wilderness of your broken hearts.


The word Algoma stems from the Algonquin suffix “goma” meaning spirit lake.
Algoma is also the name of a district in Northwestern Ontario, famous for the rugged scenery that inspired the artwork of Canada’s most celebrated artists, the Group of Seven. Algoma is a land steeped in invisible folklore, where tales of struggle and endurance can only be heard by those with ears tuned to the silence of its forests, and the violence of it’s freezing waters.

In his classic collection of stories published in 1936, Tales of an Empty Cabin, Grey Owl describes the men and women living in the Mississagi Forest Reserve, just north of the town of Blind River, as “hard-bitten bush-wakers, nurtured in hardship, with barbed, gritty humor and an unparalleled skill in profanity.” These men that took to the lakes and the rivers, alongside the black bears and the black flies, still light the forest fires of Canadian mythology with their shared songs of survival and glory.

Born in this very small town of Blind River, Christianne’s music explores the emotional landscape of an unbearably vast solitude. With a voice that barks and howls, and a message as honest as a hard days work, this collection of songs are postcards from a mesmerizing middle of nowhere, each yearning with a haunting nostalgia for a time when things were truly wild. Christianne now lives in Montréal, and Algoma is her second album.


Not the Prophet

Written By: Algoma

Why did I decide I was better on the outside?
Why do I believe they can leave and I’d be alright?
Have I seen the light?


Doomsday Lovers (2008)
Algoma (2012)

Set List

1. Wildfire
2. Une Chanson pour Che
3. Ode to Chris McCandless
4. Change
5. Photographs
6. Salaam
7. You and I
8. Pretty Little Vowels
9. Nous Voila
10. Mr. Prime Minister
11. Fall