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Algorhythm Sky

Dover, Florida, United States | INDIE

Dover, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Blues Folk


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Algorhythm Sky - "We Don't Look Up Enough" EP

Jonny Jenaro(Born, Jonathan Liverio) was raised in Tampa, FL. Grew up around a very musical family roots to a Tampa Pentecostal Church singin' mother from Alabama and guitar pickin' father born in London, but full-blooded Italian. Later blossomed to create a duo band with friend Meredith Marsh on the Viola called: Algorhythm Sky. Which now has grown into a quintet including: Dani Schmier: Violin/Backing Vocals, Matt Ransom: Bass/Backing Vocals, Diego Berry: Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals & Jonny Jenaro: Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals.

However the album "We Don't Look Up Enough" was a 3 years in the making accomplishment that has a different band on each song. Ranging from: Jazz, Funk, Blues to Folk, Americana & Spaghetti Western. With such local artist as: Cameron Willenger blasting the Trumpet on "Show Me Where Child", Joe Cosas serenely sweeping on Grand Piano on "Far Away" & harmonizing Trombones on "From: Dusk". Not to mention but we will anyways the lovely and talented Meredith Marsh on "BONESHAKE" with a moody haunting cello chorus, a track which also features James Summers on Drums & Backing Vocals.

There's no wonder why you can't fall in love with Algorhythm Sky's "We Don't Look Up Enough". A one of a kind album which will never be duplicated.



Vox/Rhythm Guitar - Jonny Jenaro
Jonny Jenaro(Born, Jonathan Liverio) joined a band in high school at age 15 - 17. His first band Fail-Safe a 4 piece hXc/Goth/Punk had one release Self-Titled 2001. And would frequently play at The Brass Mug as well as The Masqurade now The Ritz.
Jonny continued on his live musical journey playing in a 4 piece Goth/Soul band in 2003 called Marrionette with Cas Rowe of the metal band Being. Then continued on solo acoustic from there playing at coffeeshops and resturants releasing many self published rare demos and albums that can only be found with the owners. Recorded some backup vocals in 2006 with Derek Womack on a R&B track at Mr Womack's home studio. Met up with Christie Lenee and sang back up on her debut album "Set It Free" on the title song "Set It Free" and "Grandma's Song" 2009

Percussion - Diego Berry:
Diego is a cool guy with a cool beard and a bunch of cool T-shirts. Also, he smokes Camels and has a custom drum set. It has an antique fire extinguisher in it! How cool is that?! Oh, and he used to be the drummer for Peace Mole, and has known the other members of Algorhythm Sky for a while.

Bass Guitar - Matt Ransom:
Matt picked up the bass because he was bored and really liked the Scott Pilgrim comics. Soon he started playing, almost religiously. Shortly after he developed some skill with it, he played around with a few different bands that never really formed or toured, like Venus Anomaly, a Progressive Metal trio from Orlando, and Chronically Enfeebled, which was really just he and a few of the people he knew messin' around and covering 90's punk songs.
Around January, Matt came into Sacred Grounds on a whim, looking for something to do on a Saturday night. As fate would have it, he met two of the current four members of Algorhythm Sky, Jonny Jenaro and Dani Schmier.He returned periodically to Sacred Grounds, to watch them play (and hit on USF girls.) One day Jonny, the frontman, asked if he'd be interested in playing with them. Now he does!
He also is a member of the Nerdcore rap group "King of Iron Fist" and is trying to form a metal/punk band called "10 Hit Combo!"

Violin - Dani Schmier:
“Uhm, I started playing violin officially in my middle school Orchestra, and I started playing bass guitar a few years ago in my Church praise team. So far music has been a journey that has had its ups and downs but I am learning from every moment of it :)

How's that for a short bio??”

...After many band name changes and member replacing, the foursome formed the band Algorhythm Sky, playing a combo of Blues/Americana/Folk Rock and Indie influences as well as a light Punk Rock feeling.

Algorhythm Sky's current, concert line-up is Jonny Jenaro: Guitar/Vox, Dani Schmier: Violin/Vox, Diego Berry Percussion & Matt Ransom: Bass.

Finished recording their 1st official ep: "We Don't Look Up Enough". Which is available now on iTunes and Cd Baby:

So come out and see where the journey continues...

Shared the stage w/ the likes of; Rebecca Pulley, Christie Lenee, Geri X, Reid Burton Band, Fight Another Day, Kelly Debbs, Noah Woods, Vanessa Brown, Ted Lilly, Peace Mole, Middle Rhythm Session and many many more...