Al Greco

Al Greco


I am a solo Christiaian singer/songwriter performer based in Omaha, NE. My style of christian music writing would be classified, "Pop Rock". I can either perform with just a guitar or with tracks and a guitar, or just tracks. I have no band. Available to travel.


I am a solo christian artist. Having no band, I can perform with just guitar, or with tracks and a guitar, or just tracks. I write and perform all my own music which would probably be classified as, "Pop Rock". Growing up in the 60's music scene in Los Angeles, my musical influences would be bands and artists from that era with christian lyrics. I have been playing since 1969.


I have just recently signed with Incubator Records/Incubator Creative Group (West Coast Christian Label) and will be recording with them soon. I have several home-made recordings that I've recorded myself over the years.

Set List

I can do mini-concerts to full-length concerts ranging from 30 min; 45 min; 1 hr; 1 1/2; 2 hrs; 2 1/2 hrs; or 3 full hour concerts with three 45-50 minute sets; each set containing apprx: 11 songs each. I do not do cover songs, only my own songs. Each set looks something like this; SET #1: 1. The Great, I Am" 2. Hey Jesus 3. Lord Immanuel 4. Understanding Love 5. A Brighter Day 6. I'm Your Shepherd 7. Heaven Is Knocking 8. Be Careful What You Speak 9. He's In Love With You 10. My Friend 11. It Begins In Me (end of Set 1). SET #2: 1. Thank You My Lord 2. Preacher Man 3. Doesn't Anybody Care 4. One Day 5. I Give My Life To You, Forever 6. The Prince Of Peace 7. I'm Praying For You 8. He's Provided Everything 9. Peter 10. Jesus, My Everything 11. Adonai (end of 2nd Set). SET #3: 1. He' The Best Friend 2. Father, It's Me 3. Nobody But Him 4. Proud American 5. Forever Your's 6. Victory 7. Scarlet Letter 8. Dancin With My Jesus 9. King Of Kings 10