Al Holbrook

Al Holbrook


Al Holbrook is a unique artist/Singer Songwriter with a funky Futeristic sound of tommorow. Fusing Dance, Rap, and soulfull melodies into a Harmonius blend of Gumbo that attracts a Universe of listeners.


In another Dimension Al Holbrook would be a musical Deity, Merging and transforming, blending and orchestrating the enchanting melodies that intoxicate a foreign world. delving into the subconscious with a blend of Pop/rock, Dance, Adult Contemporary, New Age and lending some rhythmic phrasing from Rap, This musical Hybrid that is Al Holbrook would be on course to Unite this Alien World Through a timeless sound, transcending generational, Cultural, and religious boundaries to unify the Nation, The planet.... the Galaxy!

In this world, Holbrook's aspirations, musical stylings and purpose remain the same. Influenced by his travels Abroad,(London,Paris) musical training (Jazz,Classical) and creative Drive, Holbrook has created several studio works, (MOTB this thing is real, 2020 Revolution, and his current release Al Holbrook Future Harmony.
Born in Dayton Oh. Home to many musical innovator (Roger Troutman, Shirley Murdock, John Legend, Springfield OH.) to name a few. Holbrook continues the rich musical heritage of the greats, and delivers music forged from the heart and soul of life, love, and personal experience.

in this latest work “Future Harmony” the listener finds Holbrook creatively pushing the envelope with an almost transcendental sound. Holbrook preforms (piano,keyboard,organ,harpsichord) produces, writes, raps and sings, lending to the projects substance, balance, and grit embodying an eclectic masterpiece with a global and universal feel.


Al Holbrook Future Harmony

Set List

Set list consist of all originals mostly from Recent CD Future Harmony with some new material.

Better world
I'm the one
I belive