Alias West aka Alias

Alias West aka Alias

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Alias is the Baskin Robbins 31 flavors of Hip Hop/Rap. Giving birth to lively lyrics you can vividly visualize every verb that pours out of his mouth. Choice of styles has politicians, preachers & thugs listening. In need of a future legendary entertainer? Look No More, I give you Alias Westlord!!


It may sound simple to start a blue print where great pioneers left off, but the reality of it, is that it�s nearly impossible to classify a versatile artist such as Alias . With over 10 years under his belt in this music industry, Alias is definitely no one hit wonder. His ambition, integrity and ability to express realistic situations have touched everyone that has listened and come in contact with him. After the Los Angeles riots in �91, his mother moved him from out of South Central, a freeway ride away, to the South Bay area of Los Angeles, which she thought would place him on the right track. Upon relocating, Alias� love for Hip-Hop/Rap grew, as he was introduced to the likes of Ice Cube and Scarface. One particular artist that grabbed his attention was the late Tupac Shakur. After his death in �96, Alias decided to finish the pyramid that Tupac and others before him started. In 2004, he linked up with long-time friend and producer, Mike �onemike� Isles. In March 2006, they produced an EP entitled 7 (SEVEN). Together they opened up shows for Bun B, Chino XL, Cypress Hill and Funk Doobiest, headlined at local clubs, venues and took their act on the road as far as Arizona. Alias and onemike team up again, bringing you the full-length album entitled IZAWRAP, bound to raise ears and eyebrows. With �So Gangsta�, �Girl Like You� and �IZAWRAP� leading the single list prior to release. The neck breaking beats and vicious lyrics make this upcoming album in route to the top of the charts the old fashioned way�through good music.


1.Walk With Me,
2.SO Hard,
3.Things Happen,
4.Gangsta Gangsta,
5.Thug Life,
6.Cali Bounce,

So Hard,Cali Bounce and Things happen. 3, Tracks from his last album (Entitled 7 EP) received Radio Play and are frequently requested in Alias friendly clubs, parties and other Dj Events
West Coast( Up Coming Album Izawrap)
IZAWRAP (New Hit Single)
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Set List

My sets varies from venue to venue.
Set Range: 15 minutes to 45 minutes

Rehearsing for his first 1hour Set.

I don't Perform, I ENTERTAIN!!!