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"ALias Donmillion"

HipHopCanada: I agree. Let’s talk a little about the album you released in 2006 “Music Money.” You have Posta Boy, JR Writer, and Royce Da 59 featured on it. What did you want to achieve with this album and how was it received overall?
I wanted Recognition and the respect to say that I can put together an album on my own, and make it on my own without the support of a label. I just wanted to show that you don’t have to be signed to a label to release one, and that you can be creative and pick your own release dates. You don’t have to press 100 000 copies. You can press 100 to start off, and you can keep going as you sell more.

HipHopCanada: How was the response?
It was great, maybe even better than I had expected.

HipHopCanada: How many units have you sold so far?
We’re touching the 8 000 mark. It’s not great or major but we’re doing it independently at $7.00 a pop.

HipHopCanada: Are you going to drop anymore singles from this album or you’re going to wait until you get out and get to the studio to put something fresh together?
I’m still going to promote the album for the sake of the sales, but I have new material that I’m going to release. Everything we’re going to be releasing is going to be brand new, never heard.

HipHopCanada: Considering the internet is taking over and more and more labels are putting their focus on their online promotion, what type of approach do you want to take with your music? Will you still be dropping mixtapes, physical albums? Digital downloads?
I’m gonna be big on the computer this time around. Last time we didn’t focus on the internet a lot, but this time will be different. Right now we’ve got a free mixtape for download on one of our websites.

HipHopCanada: Tell me about 20 B-Lo and Donmillion Entertainment. What are they working on?
20 B-Lo has a project coming out really soon. It got a bit delayed but they’ll definitely be coming out. They have a song featuring Snow and a video which should be coming out very soon. It’s the same camp, same family so check out for that. As far as Donmillion Entertainment goes, that’s the project that we’re working on as well as mine and we’re also thinking of putting these two kids on; they can rap, sing and dance and they’re very talented kids. We’re seeing how good they perform right now and then we’re going to take it from there.
- Hip Hop Canada


Alias Donmillion Fact sheet 2008

Radio Airplay
2001 “Try That” Flow 93.5
2002 “Glisten” Flow 93.5
2004 “In Love With A gangsta” Flow 93.5
2004 “Wassup” Flow 93.5
2004 “Poster Girl” Flow 93.5
2005 “Roll With A G” Flow 93.5
2005 “Let’s Go” Flow 93.5
2006 “Dirty Dot” Flow 93.5
2006 “I’m Good” feat. Mayhem Moriearty Flow 93.5
2007 “It Ain’t Trickin’” Flow 93.5
2008 “Industry” Flow 93.5

1998 12” vinyl single “Long Time” released 500 copies Donmillion Ent.
2000 Full length Album “Know the Names” released 1000 copies Donmillion Ent.
2003 Mix CD “Donmillion Mix CD vol. 1” released 3000 copies Donmillion Ent.
2004 Mix CD “Harlem to Toronto” Mix Cd vol. 2 released 3000 copies Donmillion Ent.
2005 Mix CD “I Am Donmillion” Mix Cd vol. 3 released 3000 copies Donmillion Ent.
2006 Feb 28th. Full length Album “Music Money” FontanaNorth/Universal
2006 July “Da Millz” mix cd vol. 1 3000 copies Donmillion Ent./CMP Studios
2007 June “The Randoe Schott Files” 1000 copies Donmillion Ent./CMP Studios

Video Reel
2001 “Try That” digital video
2003 “Enjoy yourself” digital video
2004 “Donmillion Girl” 35mm film video
2005/6 “Dirty Dot” 35mm film video
2006 “It Ain’t Trickin’” 35mm film video
2008 “Industry” 35mm film video

Nominated for Best Rap Video for "Dirty Dot" at the 2006 Much Music Video Awards



Style, Swagger, and Respect is what you get when you enter the world of Alias Donmillion. In an
ever changing Rap World Alias Donmillion has been steadily climbing the ladder of success.
Since his emergence on the scene in 1994 Alias has persevered to the forefront of the Canadian
Rap world by combining his skill, dedication and raw talent. To date Alias has released 2 albums
5 promo mix cd's, 6 videos, 9 radio singles, and was MMVA nominated for Best Rap video in 06'
Fans hail him as one of the realest to take the mic on Canadian soil. Alias's professional
approach to his music has enabled him to tour alongside American Rap Stars Mobb Deep, Juelz
Santana, and Papoose. Alias also performed for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and recorded
collaborations with stars J.R. Writer, Royce Da 5'9, and multi platinum selling artist Snow.
Raised in a North York Ontario Housing complex, getting by day to day was not easy. Coming from
a large family Alias developed the initiative to accomplish things on his own, and that helped
mould the determined spirit of Donmillion. Knowing that it wss hard to stay away from the
pitfalls of society Alias disciplined himself, saved money and worked with the best of the best in
the Canadian Rap Industry. Continuos hard work secured him a distribution deal with Fontana North,
which enabled him to be a household name through the exposure and presence generated by his
team. Donmillion Ent. doesn't just house Alias as a recording artist but has also signed rap duo
20 B-LO to theDonmillion Ent. label. If you want authentic no holds barred reality Rap from a skilled
M.C. you can find it all in Alias Donmillion.