alias pail

alias pail


fragmented art pop with noise, electronics, folk, and experimental intrusions.


alias pail are scatterbrain musicians and good friends. friendship through sound and curiosity. sometimes alias pail feels like playing fractured amateur pop songs: inherited by 80’s twee bands and nonmusik musician underground japanese counterparts like tenniscoats and maher shalal hash baz. other times, alias pail enjoys using circuit bent instruments in their set to arrive at new sounds and speaker fry. they design and develop their own circuit bent instruments and healined at this year’s new york circuit bent festival. alias pail also enjoys ambient works of brian eno and noise and tribal experimental smash up sounds like ooioo or dna, fuzzy atmospherics; anything else that falls in their lap. they like every song to be it’s own band. their sets can adapt from experimental to electronic to pop. modular approach for music making.



toys we made

Written By: alias pail


sounds you made from bent electronics,
take the place with choppy robotics.
touch a board, get fuzzy responses.
short some cords, give it new phonics.

place yourself between the machine.
find some points, a simple technique.
interface. create an invention.
celebrate your noisy connection


toys we made suit any age range
that's the way we use our knowledge
bend away, bend away, bend away...


apartymint EP - 2004
3 little stones EP - 2005
collected animals CD - 2005

'yo sis!' and 'kathryn' have received multiple plays and been used as background music by DJ Emily in Orlando, FL, who also airs her shows online:

Set List

set list 30-45 minutes.
1. jellyfish
2. arata na yami
3. light bulb
4 dollboy
6. glassie cassie evil eye
7. girls hate girls