Alice Bierhorst

Alice Bierhorst


Alice’s achingly beautiful music has been compared to vintage visionaries such as the Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, Brian Wilson and Joni Mitchell.


Alice Bierhorst has performed as a singer-songwriter and percussionist for over 10 years. She grew up in a small village north of New York City where her parents encouraged her obvious love of music from the very beginning. She is a self-taught pianist and studied classical voice and violin throughout her early years.

In 1993 she moved to San Francisco and began playing guitar and writing songs. She was part of a vibrant scene working alongside artists such as The Mommyheads, Sonya Hunter, Erik Pearson, Noe Venable, Amy X Neuburg, Adam Levy, Irene Sazer, and Ramona the Pest among others.

Since 1999 she has lived in New York City where she has continued to lead her own band and add to her body of work. She also has worked as a drummer for a variety of artists including Jaleo, Rachel Loshak, Rebecca Martin, Felix McTeigue, Alan Bennett, Eric Metzgar, and Jeremiah Birnbaum.

Alice has released 7 albums of original material and 2 albums of songs by New York and San Francisco songwriters. She looks forward to releasing her 10th album this year.


The Hours

Written By: Alice Bierhorst

All the hours I’ve been gone
I promise I’ve been right here
Like a star that fades at dawn
Always to reappear

I’ve been rushing over rocks
Ferrying the weight
Of the weeping
I’ve been running through the wheat
Sifting out the chaff
I swear I’m only sleeping

All the days that you move through
I’ve been right by your side
Like a mirror you peer through
I don't have to hide


When the final hour comes
I will take your hand
Step by step we’ll climb the stairs
To the promised land


Here Today

Written By: Alice Bierhorst

What’s that letter in your hand
The ink is barely dry
I turn away
So you won’t see me cry
And pray it’s just a dream

All I wanna tell you
Is we may be
Here today
And gone tomorrow

All the records in the world
Are singing ‘bout a boy who left a girl
I cover my ears
I close my eyes
And pray it’s just a dream


When you first came in my life
I thanked my lucky stars
Now the curtain falls
And shadows fill the night
I pray it’s just a dream


Emerald City

Written By: Alice Bierhorst

There is only one way out of town
The track has grown muddy and tamped down
Heads of the flowers are bent to the ground
Pointing the way out of town

The water tastes bitter
But the morning always breaks sweet
In the distance Emerald City
Always just out of reach

Over yonder three cows on a rise
Swatting their halos of flies
They’re not simple they’re simply surprised
It’s stunning to be so alive


Every heart not yet broken will be
Pierced by the arrow of time
Drawn by forces nobody can see
We purchase each day at a time


Alice has released the following albums:

"All of You" - 2004
"Here Today" - 2004
"Covered" - 2003
"Earthbound" - 2003
"Oxygen" - 2001
"Now Entering Liberty Heights" - 2000
"Maker’s Mark" - 1998
"Safe Places to Dream" - 1997
"Heaven" - 1996

Set List

Most recent set list (all songs by AB unless noted):

1. Something Good
2. Over and Over
3. Bury Him Down
4. It's Too Late
5. Here Today
6. Mr. Important Person (by Jason Crigler)
7. I'm Set Free
8. Alaska
9. All That I Am
10. Earthbound

Sets are typically 40 minutes. Have enough material for additional sets. Typically perform one cover per set.