Alice Daisy

Alice Daisy


Excentric High Voltage Rock from Berlin! Moog basslines meet "danceable" beats, loud funky guitars and extraordinary vocals.


In the neighborhood Kreuzberg bar Wiener Blut, behind the lunch counter one would discover the trap door of a celler, normally used to store the usual spirits one would expect to be served up at a bar. It was in between liquor and beer crates that gitarist Nino Ruggieri and drummer Daniel Richter (oblivious to the bar patrons) hammered through the first unofficial Alice Daisy jam session.
Nino's white Stratocaster, affectionatley known as ``My Lady``, rings loud, dirty, funky, and connects with the highly-charged, rhythmic beats of Daniel's Airdrums (they are really real, it`s another affectionate nickname).
It was within minutes that the unmistakable sound could be heard through the floor boards of this tiny bar; one that brought the drinks on the bar counter to fizz (the barkeeper too), and so it was that the first session of Alice Daisy was brought abrubtly to a halt.
``Absolutely manic but just still playable``, it was with this comment that moog and synth player Mr. Hirse secured himself a place with the duo after an exhaustive search of the Berlin music scene. Dr. Hirse, is known for the bass and lead synths through his minimoog noise; and so it was that after a few shows and rehearsing the guys heard a pounding at the metal door of the rehersal room. The guy with the pounding fist, said something like: hey i hear you need a singer.“ He entered the room, took up the mic, and that was that. Luis Miguel's fearless nerve, volitile voice and lyrics earned him the position of alice daisy vocalist. It has been said that Alice Daisy play with their songs with the intent to recover musical elements that were lost in the last decades of popular music through their unsymetrical, yet timely, and danceable tunes. Taking cues from rock, punk, p-funk, garage and jazz idioms, while transcending the limitations of each, Alice Daisy created a new sound that will make your ass shake. It’s a mindblowing soulful sound by four musicians whose abilities have yet to be fully recognized, as deft and bold and life-affirming as the Meters, Funkadelic, or ‚At the drive in’. Open your mind and your ass will follow !


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Set List

No covers/ Set duration from 45min up to 120 min

Intro (zaratustra)
Another Dance Song
i HAVE it
Stepping Horst