Alice Lee

Alice Lee

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Music maker, chanteuse, arranger, writer, producer and performer. Think pop noir with electronical jazz bent. Joni meets Waits meets Zero 7.


Lee was born in Boston, MA, and trained early on in classical music by her pianist mother. Periods of sporadic nomadism landed her in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA for the bulk of her childhood and to San Francisco, New York, and Melbourne, Australia for her nascent adulthood.

She found herself living in DC, busking in Paris and Amsterdam and performing in Edinburgh and Ghent. A demo EP followed. Through the help of a couple of friends, the tracks were finished in Virginia and Europe in a couple of days of recording.

After moving to Brooklyn and playing solo gigs in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, she found like minds in bassist Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants) and studio whiz Joel Hamilton (Shiner, Sparklehorse).

Her second release, The Quicksand EP featuring Matt Brubeck (Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits) and Maimone, skirts along the boundaries of what could loosely be called rock, encompassing bossa nova, bhangra funk, and electronic drum and bass.

Her third CD, The Art of Forgetting, takes her signature sound in a new direction, applying her intimate songs onto a canvas of electronic sounds coupled with live instrumentation. Recorded at Studio G Brooklyn, featuring Maimone and Yuval Gabay (Soul Coughing, Roni Size), these tracks comprise her first collaboration with Hamilton. It has been picked up by Carrot Top Distribution and has been selected for use in MTV's The Real World.

Her distinctive vocal style and songwriting have seen increasing recognition and airplay internationally. She was a featured vocalist in the Brooklynites collective and had a long-running residency with them in Williamsburg. She has been featured in Jane Magazine's compilation CD and was a Semi-Finalist in "The American Music Awards® Presents The Coca-Cola New Music Award" 2002/2003 Competition.

She is currently completing work on a full-length CD.


Could This Be Love?

Written By: Alice Lee

The world is a sea that I'm unwilling to swim
Constantly beckoning me to dive in, to dive in
Drowning by numbers and painting by fact
The catch that I draw will sate me for now so I don't have to act

Are you the best that I can do
Because I'm terrified of never
I will hold fast onto you
If not for now, then forever

Could this be love?

Living with you, I'm sailing away
From all of the pain that I'd like to refrain
From repeating again
Compromise is a promise that pledges not to grieve
For all the mistakes that you never make
It's such bliss to be deceived

Are you the one, my sweet,
To save me from my resolution
To find the one who'll make me cry
Just keep me safe and sedated

Could this be love?

Are you the one who'll make me cry
Conspirator to my confession
Are these the ties that bind or choke
In my last bid for forever

Could this be love?

©2000, Alice Lee. All rights reserved.


Written By: Alice Lee

Bells on my fingers, sand in my toes
I keep walking and talking and nobody knows
The sound of wonder living my dreams
Reality a wake-up call where nothing's what it seems

But you somehow know this language that I speak
And all my heart will come to seek someday

I'm tired of travelling without a net
I want to place my feet back firmly on the ground
And you are so my antidote
The walking wounded, a human lost and found

And my good sense tells me to run
But something compels me to stay
And find out where this road will lead someday

The line gets drawn, the line gets crossed
It's hard to see the places where it starts and ends
And so I'll wait here a little while
Then the girl that set you straight will walk out with a smile

Knowing full well we'll get it right
And you'll finally figure it out
And everything will come to light someday

©2003, Alice Lee. All rights reserved.

Where Are You My Love?

Written By: Alice Lee

Summer's gone away along with you
This was something new -
was it ever really true?
And I wonder where are you my love?

I look to brighter days to kill the ache
To take me away from day to empty day
And I wonder where are you my love?

I see the Southern star
Are you looking at it too?
Stars brought me to you
And there was nothing I could do

I'm on the other side of you
Under a blanket of blue
Things where we left it
Weren't really where I meant it
And I wonder where are you my love?

So many things
We could have said
We could have tried
Instead we laughed and we lied
So much I could have cried
And I wonder did you my love?

Sometimes what you think are mistakes is really fate
They're really chances we all have to take
And we're wiser now, aren't we my love?

I see the Southern star
Are you looking at it too
It's bringing me to you
And there is nothing I can do

These ends we left dangling now that we're apart
Are neatly tied in a bow wrapped around my heart
And I wonder where are you my love?

©2003, Alice Lee. All rights reserved.


2005 - TBA - Full-length
2003 - The Art of Forgetting (EP - Pansori Records/Carrot Top Dist.)
2001 - The Quicksand EP (The Orchard/CD Baby)
1999 - The Electra Complex Demos, vol. one (self-released)

Contributed tracks to:

2004 - Different for Girls: Women Artists and Female-Fronted Bands Cover Joe Jackson (Skipping Discs)
2004 - GIGAmerica's SXSW Sampler
2003 - Bridge to Music: Indie Sounds From Brooklyn's Underground (Harris Radio)
2002 - Maybelline/JANE Reader CD

Set List

Sets of mostly original material and some odd covers (reinventions and brazilian hiphop).

cold shake down
friendly fire

Folk/pop songs:
i breathe
retrograde heart
perfect girl
new bruise

jazz/bossa songs:
where are you my love?
letter to no one
could this be love?

covers include:
bulletproof (radiohead)
personal gravity (pm dawn)
hoje quero sair so (lenine)

occasionally songs by bjork, sheila chandra, pj harvey, son house, nina simone, anyone else i'm listening to