Alice Lee

Alice Lee

 New York, New York, USA

Singer-songwriter pop.


I'm a singer-songwriter in NYC and actually an actor as well. I've done a couple of Broadway shows as well as some TV, but I've always been more of a singer and musician. I've been singing forever and I used to be in a cappella groups in high school and college.

I graduated NYU with a degree in music business because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. I've been writing for awhile now (I mostly write on the piano) and was lucky enough to find some amazing band members who have played with me in several gigs around NYC.

I've played in venues such as The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall and I also have an EP that I'll be releasing in May.

I'm still working on expanding my audience and any opportunity to play for people, I'm there. I'm discovering who I am as an artist - what I really want my sound to be, what I wanna write, what direction I wanna go, how to build a bigger fanbase, everything really - but as Miley Cyrus sings, it's the climb.