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Alice Stops Time

Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF

Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"Alice Stops Time"

Hailing from Windsor Nova Scotia, Alice Stops Time has been creating a buzz in the city with their blues tinged surf rock. First off by winning the Atlantic Canadian Garageband contest sending the boys in the band off to the POP Montreal Festival, second, blowing the crowd away at the Q104 Battle of the Bands, and now by making their name in the city by playing with other noted rock acts.

Tonight they played at Gus's Pub, and filling in on drums was Andrew Dahms from Dancing With Knives. Before going on they made sure I knew that he had only recently been playing with the band and was still catching on. They probably noticed any mistakes, Myself, noticed a few, most of the audience probably didn't notice at all.

The crowd is small at first, but it is a Tuesday night in the North End. AST jumped on the new raised stage at Gus's Pub is their usual manner, five guys, dressed in suits, with the introduction "Hi, We're Alice Stops Time." Their opening song, starts with a build up, and turns into a straight forward rock song, and from here on, you can hear elements of ska, surf, blues, and rock and roll. It is hard to bring this band to one genre.

The second song "Pale Blue," is enough for the girl next to me to jump out of her seat and start dancing, which she does for half of the song. The song is another rocker, with a keyboard sound that adds a dark ambiance, especially during quiet parts of the song. One highlight of their show is watching keyboardist/saxophonist Colin Boyd in action, that boy gets into the music.

Going into other songs like the fast rocker Useless Conversation, and other songs such as The Question to Your Answer, and Heaven or Hollywood, more people started showing up making for a pretty decent attendance for a Tuesday. The boys played for an hour, closing their set with an very unexpected cover, Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast done in their surf rock style.

Check out to find out more about the band, where they come from, where they have been, and where they are going.

-D Sween - Derek S. Online Music Network

"Album Review"

"This disc can only be described as power pop for smart people. Alice Stops Time is the very epitome of what is all good about the indie scene. These young men did not have a know-nothing record exec standing over them screaming about format. There's surfy goodness, there's punky tude', and wisdom clearly beyond their years. Imagine if Dick Dale and the Dead Kennedys procreated... that would be one messed up genius of an offspring and his name would be Alice. This record is going to get Alice Stops Time noticed. See them while you can, their stock is about to rise very fast." - Darrin Harvey, Announcer 89.3 K-ROCK

"Producer Music Review"

"Alice Stops Time give hope to new music. In an industry plagued by followers, Alice Stops Time steps out of the blueprint for song writing. They're obviously paying tribute to surf and blues acts of the 50's & 60's with songs like Pale Blue, Peace to The Power and Miss Bennett; which are most notable for bringing the old school style of rock and making it fresh. Songs like Thieves, Heaven or Hollywood and Aracnerotica create a dance influenced style of space rock that takes you on a trip to new and exciting places. The musical journey of Alice Stops Time is a spectacle to be see - Neil Spence-Recording Production & Producing

"Hants County band shakes Montreal rock scene"

One local rock band recently returned from performing at the Annual Montreal Pop Festival after winning the Aliant Garage Band Contest held over the summer.

Bands from Atlantic Canada competed at various venues, including over 100 groups from Nova Scotia, to gain the top spot in the finals.

This is where AST (Alice Stops Time), a hugely popular Windsor-based band, came into play. AST was selected as the top band from Nova Scotia and from there the group were chosen through Internet ballot voting as the top band from Atlantic Canada.

The grand prize for the contest was an all expense paid trip to Montreal, where the band were invited to play at the Montreal Pop Festival.

The band played at a club in the ‘Arts District’ called ‘Bar L’ hémisphére Gauche,’ which translates literally to mean ‘Left Hemisphere.’
- Fred Lawrence

"Aliant announces Grand Prize Winner of the annual Garage Band Contest"

indsor, Nova Scotia - Today, Aliant, Atlantic Canada's leading information and communications technology provider, announced the grand prize winner of its annual Garage Band contest - Alice Stops Time, from Windsor Nova Scotia. Band members are: Colin Boyd, keyboards; Tyler Dempsey, guitar/lead vocals; Luke Hudgins, bass; Myles Lawrence, guitar; and, Josh Noiles, drums.

“We're so excited about the win,” said Luke Hudgins, bass player for Alice Stops Time. “It still hasn't really sunk in - I'm sure it will once we step on the plane. Thanks to Aliant for helping us reach this goal. This is by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to us as a band.”

The contest is aimed at inspiring young Atlantic Canadians to make music with their friends and family. Amateur bands from across Atlantic Canada - whose members are in their teens or twenties - were encouraged to upload audio or video clips of two of their best songs to Aliant’s Youth 101 website recently for review and judging.

“The quality of the entries this year demonstrates the raw talent we have here in Atlantic Canada,” says Gayle Lunn, Youth Segment Manager. “Aliant is proud to be helping young musicians gain more experience, more exposure, and more fans.”

The grand prize package includes an opportunity for the band to play at POP Montreal in October, 2007, complete with VIP treatment. POP Montreal is a grass roots festival created and supported by people who love music and live performance.

The band received 43 per cent of the total votes from Atlantic Canadians who visited the website between November 28 and December 31, 2006. Visitors were able to listen to two songs from each band on the website before casting their votes online or by text message.

- Bell Aliant

"Alice Stops Time at Gus's"

My surprise for the evening: Alice Stops Time. Seriously. If you ever have a chance to see these guys live take it. I wasn't expecting much from them, mostly because I had never heard anything from them, but they blew me away. They make rock music that actually makes you want to get up and dance. How often does that happen anymore? We're so stuck in a world that if the music isn't synthesized that it isn't danceable, so it was so refreshing to hear these guys go. They describe themselves as Indie-Surf-Blues on MySpace and I would have to agree. They sound so refined, so professional, that I found it hard to believe I was watching them in some little bar off North Street. They were brilliant. Their songs were well crafted and their stage presence was undeniable. Frankly, I'm surprised they aren't already signed... if they were in England I can guarantee they would have been snatched up long ago. - Joshua Cross


2006-Alice Stops Time self titled (demo)
2008-Alice Stops Time ''Heaven Or Hollywood'' Center Of Arts & Technology Compilation disk.
2009-Alice Stops Time
Self Titled Debut album.




Spunk, class and retro style. Alice Stops Time is an alternative rock band originally based out of Hants County Nova Scotia. The band has unique influences from surf and dance music that contributes to their trademark sound. That sound and the bands engaging presence have taken the young group from intimate acoustic shows in rural Nova Scotia to larger status stages like Pop Montreal.
Since coming together in 2004, the young group has been steadily expanding and gaining a fan base, playing frequently with other Nova Scotia acts. In 2007 Alice Stops Time was awarded the grand prize in the Atlantic Canadian Garage band Contest sponsored by Aliant. The prize included a trip to Montreal and a spot on the bill during the 2007 Montreal Pop Festival in October. The band members have since been inducted into the Hants County Hall of Fame for youth achievement for their work with music in the community. In January 2008 the band recorded their first single "Heaven or Hollywood" at the Sonic Temple studio. It was released within a compilation disk for the Centre of Arts and Technology Campus in Halifax Nova Scotia.
Alice Stops Time is quickly breaking into metro music circles with high energy performances showcasing their own style of rock, surf, blues and dance. The band has big plans for 2010, number one is taking their self titled full length debut album on the road and looking into releasing a new EP along with filming a professional music video. In the meantime Alice Stops Time is honing in on their live performances and enhancing their song writing craft, discovering new sounds and styles to incorporate into their act.