Alice Texas

Alice Texas


Moody, indie screamo bluesy rock with dark-country undertones. Patti Smith meets Johnny Cash meets The Velvet Underground.


Alice Texas comes to you through hell and high water by way of New York City and wants to take you along for the ride. Native songstress/chanteuse/guitarist Alice Schneider and her handsome guitar playing partner in crime Peter Mavrogeorgis take you to a dark and beautiful place with aching voice and expertly crafted burnt song scapes. fomer and current members of the band include drummer James Sclavunos (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Vanity Set, ex-Cramps, Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch) bassist Robert Vickers (Go-Betweens, Mad Scene) Wayne Magruder (Calla), Byron Isaacs (ollabelle, The Vanity Set), David Berger (Erin McKeowen, Mary Fahl, The Vanity Set) The new , soon to be released record boasts the phenomenol bass playing of Jeff Hill (Rufus Wainwright, Hazy Malaze, countless others...) and the drumming of Bill Dobrow (Victoria Williams, Martha Wainright, The Black Crows) The live shows are intense and mesmerizing. Boot stomping, alcohol inducing. The French and The Germans can't get enough. The influences range from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds to Bukka White to Johnny Cash; Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground to Cormac McCarthy.
Her second record Sad Days was released throughout Europe and the UK on Parisian label Fargo records and has been released here in the U.S via Redeye Distribution.
Riding and crying, death and dying. All the while smiling...come on along, com'on along, let me take you by the hand.


Alice Texas - Gold (independent) LP
Alice Texas - Sad Days (Fargo/Redeye) LP
Vanity Set -The Vanity Set
Yes, both streaming and radio airplay (Big Black Motorcycle both) Airplay in Germany, UK and France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Greece.

Set List

9 or 10 songs,
ConeyIsland, Oh My Beautiful, Sad Days, Where I'd Become, The Collector, Big Black Motorcycle, Sunshine, Run To You, Tremble, X's For Eyes

a cover is rare (Dream Home Heartache -Roxy Music. Silver Dagger - folk song)