Alice Watts

Alice Watts

 London, England, GBR

"A voice that could stop wars” as one listener claimed, there's no doubt this girl’s got soul.

Alice plays with musicians from a variety of backgrounds, more recently using beatbox & strings to bring fresh perspective to some rich songwriting. Original & inspiring.


Alice and her band will draw you into their world of musical wonder as they light up stages across London and the South Coast in 2011. Musicians involved in the live shows come from backgrounds of jazz, folk, soul, reggae and the street which creates a completely unique experience for each gig.

The debut album 'Your World' was launched in a intimate venue in Soho's St Barnabus Chapel. Listeners packed into the small beautiful space in the heart of London. Hidden away from the City buzz, they were treated to the delights of the soulful songstress' debut album by candle light.

In 2011, the song dreamer is putting the final touches to a new 4 track EP and will be appearing in venues across London & the South with her unusual array of musicians to debut the new material.



Written By: Alice Watts

Brother, where've you been
Well your eyes don't tell
In another world you say
You were something good, I know.

Brother please stay here, for a while
Don't let those spoon fed blues
Be your crown in this place

But hey Mr Refugee
won't you come and teach to me
Your Joy
I there something I could do
To make it better for you?

Brother, your soul sings of mistrust
And the secrets that haunt you
Are stained in your fingerprints
That they stole

But hey Mr Refugee
Won't you come and teach to me
Your Joy
Is there something that I can do
To make it better for you.

But hey Mr Refugee, won;t you come and teach to me, your joy
Would you let me serve you, to make it better for you.

Hey Mr Refugee, won't you come and teach to me, your joy
Hey Mr Refugee.


Circle Me Sea EP
Your World LP (Available on Spotify, iTunes & Last Fm)