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"Webster review"

From Age of Anchors and The Webster Theater

The order of bands was:
Precious Little
Age of Anchors
Killing Jar

Pyramis was solid metal: old school, testosterone-driven, pumping. You know the kind. They were really nice guys. I only talked to the drummer, but the other guys met up with others in the band. We look forward to playing with them again.
By ace of anchors - Age of Anchors

"various reviews from around the world"

Thrax Max
This singer sounds like he has the front man idiom to a T!! Great unique vocals... He could be particularly compared to that of John Bush (Anthrax/Armoured Saint). Full on rockin balls!! Speaking of which, the rhythm of the song has a similar vibe to Anthrax's "King Size" song. A favourite of mine. As with alot of bands the small attention to detail in instrument sounds are slightly over looked. This song has bags of potential but let down by these small details- A better guitar and drum sound would really push this production 10 fold. Rock on!
- CORODE from United Kingdom on 11Jan2007

the mix is good. The song (Crimescene) makes me want to drink beer. It's party metal
- RotGutGlory from Ozark, Missouri on 8Jan2007

Moder electro thriller. Has an awsome arrangement.The vocals are tight and pro quality. Rocks Hard.
- fan_natic from Lenexa, Kansas on 6Jan2007

Man! that sounds like a crazy monk in the intro! The guitar line has a ton of cool hooks in it. The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek, and the vocals fit them well.The raspy vocals are good and should be used more in my opinion.A non Protools approach is nice here too.
- dta_drummer from Union, New Jersey on 5Jan2007

Love the Rocking Riffy guitars, And the lead vocals are Very strong.

The Vocalist has a very creed-ish voice with strong holds and very good pitch. well recorded as well. The backup vocals are very complimentary and help add to the song.

The guitar are very bright and riffy. Making them fun to listen to and rock hard. The only complain is they seam a lil too bright a lil more low end would have been nice.

The sound u guys have is very Mettalica meets creed. Mixed with a pint of JD and a couple hot women. and i like it .
- kaminsky from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on 3Jan2007

Your song “All Alone” is a nasty mean song that will rock the socks off your feet. it's too good. Loren Reviewed by: 2blueiis
- Pyramis


We have a few demos.

Pyramis demo 1)
3 songs
Kill the band, All alone, and Stomp

Pyramis demo 2)
5 songs
Crimescene, This aint the end, Never look back, Simplicity, Stomp

Pyramis demo 3)
3 songs
Struggle, Tunnels, and Walking the streets

We also have a video shot from a broadcast studio uploaded to our EPK by to give you a glimpse of who we are.

We are also featured on a European compilation cd called Radio Herzklopfen with several other artist.
We did not enter or pay to be included and we are the only American band to be considered.



Officially formed on September 12th 2006 we are a 5 piece original rock band put together with unique individuals who share a vision and all bring something special to the table.

It would be Feb of 2007 when we made our last lineup change and Ari “The Kid” joined us after our original drummer moved across the country.

We attempt to combine cool riffs with solid beats and meaningful lyrics to combine a catchy, head banging, foot pounding story you can remember and move to.

We want our listeners to feel the mood of the music as well as hear it and we try to emulate the very mood that inspired the lyrics in the first place through a wall of guitar tone to broadcast the power.

Our live shows are high energy from start to finish and always get the crowds and our steadily growing fan base and following involved.

The way we all came together from so many different backgrounds and parts of the country was something we couldn’t have planned and really has created a unity and a bond between us that has made us brothers with one goal, to succeed.

We recently took first place in the Emergenza Battle of the Bands in Hartford, Ct which was televised, we easily moved on to the second and third rounds where we won two of four available awards that were given out between nine different bands.
Pyramis took best bass player and best drummer.

This battle was our first gig together as the 5 piece that stands today and the validation we received confirmed for us that this project gets 100% priority and we are all in it for the long haul.
The right guys for the right job at the right time.

As founder and songwriter I recorded the first Pyramis demo with friends and family filling in to help me out, using that demo and some shows we attracted the musicians that now call themselves Pyramis.
We recorded our second demo in the winter months of 2006 before our first drummer moved away.
The third and most recent demo is a short three song demo and was recorded in the summer of 2007 and features our latest songs.

We currently have 35 originals that we play and as many more in the works waiting to be added.

Our new drummer Ari is featured on our latest demo, the song Struggle in our epk is one of the new songs with all 5 of us on it.